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Thatta Kedona Dolls and Toys in Islamabad Bazaar

Thatta Kedona Dolls and Toys @ Bazaar on April 1, 2012 in Islamabad

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Dolls, Toys and More by S A J Shirazi

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One Baby One Tree

One Baby One Tree is one of the oldest traditions of Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama - the village NGO. A flower or fruit tree is presented on the birth of a baby in the family. As a result of this simple tradition, every home in the village now has a fruit and flower trees.

The in-charge of the Basic Health Unit keeps an exact record of all babies born in the village and gives the information to the head of the NGO, who then arranges saplings from the nursery to be used in the annual event called One Baby One Tree that is held in the village each year in the BHU.

Dr. Senta Siller – the founder of the project – had conceived and initiated two programs for increasing greenery in the village homes: one for the members of the Women Art Center and the other for the BHU Baby program. In this way, a very special type of vegetation has developed in the village houses. This year also, the program could be implemented with donations and help from volunteers.

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Stephanie Walter in TGD School

Stephanie Walter

I have been in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka – a small village in the backwater of Punjab - for almost a month. How time flies! I’ve seen some wonderful attachments of young students with me.’ Teaching English to young children from a rural background is no picnic. But the best thing is that I already have overcome communication barriers.

In my last article I wrote about my colorful magnetic letters and numbers which we put on the doors. Every time one of the girls or I lose one of them as they fall on the ground the girls scream "Oh, No". I say "no problem." Also "no Urdu", respectively "no English" are often used sentences in the School.

I enjoy when young girls try to explain me something in Urdu. They can't believe that I understand only few words in Urdu. So I say only "no Urdu, no English" and the answer is "no English, no English. But we perfectly communicate and go along very well.

Every day morning, on my way to the School the girls meet and greet me not only with "Good Morning" but also with "no problem, no problem" or "no English, no English". I am greeting with Good Morning at 2 PM or even at 8 PM but I enjoy that. Soon I will teach them greeting for the afternoon and evening.

Best thing is that the young students enjoy learning and as much as I enjoy teaching. In the process, they are exposed to English words and phrases and I to Urdu. The process goes on.

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Mud House Owners Annual Quality of Life Competition

Readers here are aware of Mud House Owners competition - annual AFA tradition when owners compete for the best mud house, details and designs. Everyone take part and prepare before the competition. Result: the entire TGD wears a spanking new look. Here are some of the before the competition:

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Spring and Volunteers come to Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka Together

Mustard fields are blooming in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka when Monika Kuppler – a veteran volunteer coming to TGD for the seventh time - and Stephanie Walter (ethnologist) have arrived in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka; the Dolls' Village (on Mar 2, 2012).  Monika Kuppler will work for pottery and product development in the Women Art Centre of AFA (NGO) in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka. Given the critical shortage of electric power in rural areas, local kiln is already being installed (image below) for pottery. Stephanie Walter will remain busy in local school working with students giving them English and art lessons (Stephanie is an artists and art teacher also). 

Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintech is also here for spring and like always he has so many good plans to take the project to the next level. Located in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka and Lahore, Dr. Norbert Pintsch will focus on appropriate technology, mud housing and  installation and operations of the internet radio. The book titled Dolls, Toys and More by S A J Shirazi will also appear this spring.
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