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Culture is a Basic Need

Dr. Senta Siller on the NGO Stall

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Thatta Kedona at Pakistan Cultural Mela 2012

Thatta Kedona participated in a three-day Pakistan Cultural Mela was organized at the Alhamra Cultural Complex Qaddafi Stadium on April 20-21, 2012. More than 80 handicraft stalls including Thatta Kedona were displayed in the cultural festival. Here are some of the impressions from the event.

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Pakistan House Potsdam Moves On

After almost ten years of honorary work in the Pakistan House Potsdam, this phase is now coming to an end. The Pakistan House Potsdam was a starting point for foreign project workers, guests and visitors as well as for volunteers and the interested public. The active and non-selfish initiation and support of real self-help projects, support for income generating measures for the rural population, specially women, based upon the traditional culture were not beautiful words but reality; The support for the implementation of environment-friendly techniques in the rural areas was carried out through on-site lectures, in the NGO’s and educational institutions, through experimental workshops and product manufacturing and local sales. The idea, to operate independent of the central technical infra-structure (electricity), was demonstrated in practice and shown, that not only lighting, but also other usages, like charging a cell-phone battery etc. are possible. By activating volunteers outside of the project and generating interest of foreigners in the project countries, a sort of “soft” tourism was created. The PHP provided valuable help in the realization of such ideas.

The closure of Pakistan House Potsdam, the existence of which could only be successful through volunteers, does not mean an end to the work, but a further development, because the basis has been created, the people in the NGO’s have been trained and they are operating more or less rather independently since quite a long time.
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NGO Children Education Programs in TGD

Since its inception, Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka NGO (Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama) is striving to develop and educate the village children along with its other work with women (in Women Art Centre) and with Men ( in Technology Transfer and Training Centre) as well as in the village basic health unit.

Annual distribution of free books, reduction of health risks through the possibility of using the clean water well, the population planning program One Baby, One Tree and sensitizing the young minds about natural resources and environment are some of the NGO’s ongoing programs. Notably, as part of the environment program, the children of the village collected plastic that is sold to a recycling firm in Lahore.

On March 24, 2012, the NGO organized a big event for the village school children. The event was also attended students from another school from nearby town and district headquarter Okara. In addition to playing sports and mixing up, Farooq Ahmed from TTTC explained environmental and resource protection to the children. Stephanie Walter, the volunteer of the Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama who is in the village these days also helped in this regard. The event was supported by the Lahore based Foundation for the Promotion of Academic Collaboration, which has already been supporting the distribution of free books to the village children in the past. Readers here already know that similar event was cooperation from Peerzada Cultural Complex Lahore where they had special puppet show.
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Heavenly Mud

Dr. Gus Van Beek, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, is completing a book on Old World mud architecture, examining methods of construction and varieties of designs in contemporary as well as ancient structures. The work will cover major types of construction in Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India, resulting from research on arch and vault construction which Dr. Van Beek started in 1971 as the result of examples he uncovered at Tel Jemmeh, Israel. Contact: Dr. Gus Van Beek, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History.
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Distribution of books in TGD 2012

Since the start of the project, NGG AFA distribute gives free books to the students of two government schools in Thatta Kedona Ghulamka Dheroka - the Dolls and Toy Village to promote education in rural community. Issue of books and educational material is part of long running education program of the village NGO. Dr. Norbert Pintsch, the Senior Research Fellow of the FPAC organizes the books distribution ceremony every year.

This year FPAC and DGFK distribute the books and school material for the new students in the village schools. Aamir Rafique , the General Secretary of the foundation in collaboration with the DGFK gave away the school education material.

In boys school books were given by Ilyas of AFA and Johannes (Computer Scientist from Free University Berlin – a DGFK guest in the village. Whereas in girls school, the books were distributed by Farooq Ahmed from AFA and Franziska - Biologist from Humboldt University Berlin – a DGFK-guest.

Both the guests from Germany (Johannes, Franziska) said, "It was very interesting to get the opportunity to see village TGD and the traditional life of the Punjab people. The children seemed to be very excited about our small happening on Education-Project. We hope that the whole project can move on a long time, and maybe we will see Thatta Ghulamaka Dhiroka one day again."

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Thatta Kedona at Lok Mela in Lok Virsa, Islamabad

After a long time and a number of delays due to security reasons, finally an event for handicrafts workers was held by Lok Virsa - the ethnological museum of Pakistan, in Islamabad. Khalid Javaid, the Director General Lok Versa once again succeeded in collecting the best handicraft workers from all over the country in Islamabad. Thatta Kedona – the project initiated by Dr. Senta Siller - of the AFA from the village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka participated in the event.

Dolls dressed in the traditional dresses of different provinces and minorities by Women Art Center, the sheet metal toys of the TTTC Men Center well as special pottery products of the Women Ceramics Group supervised since years by Monika Kuppler were appreciated by large number of people.

Khalid Javaid has a long association with Thatta Kedona Project. He has also written foreword of the the book "Dolls Toys and More" by S.A.J. Shirazi that is being published this year. Here are some impressions from Lok Mela.
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Appropriate Technology Solutions Exhibition

In the face of energy shortage, particularly in the rural areas of Pakistan, Appropriate Technology is the obvious solution and people are turning to appropriate technology solutions. Best thing is that appropriate technology solutions are not only affordable and available but they are guaranteed anywhere.
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Thatta Kedona Pottery and Ceramic Workshop

Image Hosted by

Monika Kuppler conducted Pottery and Ceramic Workshop in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka.

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Contact Person: Norbert Pintsch



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