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Mud House Owners Quality of Life Competition - 2012

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Since 2000, Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka NGO (AFA) has been holding quality of life competition under the Preservation of Cultural Heritages Program where prizes are awarded to house owners for specially interesting details on mud buildings. This has been a great way to slow the spread of brick housing and also to retain the traditional housing to give the visitors an impression of life rural Punjab. The program was redesigned in 2009 and certain mud houses in the village were selected to receive financial help, through donations from friendly architects, for repairs after two extended monsoon rain periods. This year Professor Mansoor Durrani (from Punjab University) was the chief guest in the award ceremony. Here are the images from award ceremony this year.

Top Image: Mr Farooq / AFA (NGO) and Architect Professor Mansoor Durrani (from Punjab University) and Mud House Owner

Middle Image: Mr Farooq / AFA (NGO) and Architect Professor Manossor Durrani ( from Punjab University) and Mud House Owner

Bottom Image: GreenMag Journalist Mr Saleem and Mr Shakeel / TTTC of AFA with EPA (Holder of Environment Protection Award from GreenMag)

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