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Development of Housing Concepts

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By Dr. Norbert Pintsch and Ghayyoor Obaid
Extreme Housing

A pre-condition for development of future-oriented housing concepts is the capability to be open and to question what is currently available.


This long-term project of the IPC has its roots in the beginning of the 60's of the last century, which was characterized by continuously improving technological possibilities and enormous changes in the psychological and social behavior. These refer apart from raising of children, family life and way of cooking, practical methods of production and problems of intimate areas (discontinuation of shower and WC-paper) and clothing (different forms of fashion) also to furnishings and fixtures, which follow different compulsions. Similarly, the designs are more function oriented and therefore differ totally from the traditionally known and usual forms of design.

Development of Housing Concepts

The ruins of tomorrow are being constructed today! The more designed a building, the lesser is its half-value perio4 i.e. its Transcience and modernity! The projects described here are different from the conventional ones and more similar to structures in other, non-western cultures, for example a classical west-african compound in its design is not positioned on square or rectangular spaces but according to organically formed areas.

The experiences for the Extreme-Housing, described in the following two projects, are based upon a study of housing concepts in other cultures. The question in these projects is not, whether they are likeable in the present circumstances but rather how one can adjust oneself in a new environment. A precondition for that however is the awareness, how much of the currently available is relevant to the circumstances, which have still to come.

Current wishes and life-styles for forest walks, swimming fun, grill parties, golf, summer festivals etc. do not fit into these project forms because they correspond to conventional urban lifestyles. A pre-condition for development of future-oriented housing concepts is the capability to be open and to question what is currently available. There is still a long way to go till the general population realizes how to make use of technological advances in the best way.

The project city of Dubai is a good example of the limits of usual way of thinking in such projects: destruction of resources, harm to climate etc. These are the typical characteristics associated with conventionally designed projects, which are flitted with extravagant consumer-oriented installations, but from developmental point of view are just non-plus-ultra of the western standards; one is not gladly ready to accept that the project actually confines the development.

In the icelandic “Tube-Project” the technical capabilities of of local tunnel construction companies is put to use to construct pipes of 10 mtr diameter at a height of 275m in the volcanic region of Basalt. A unit will consist of two pipes, which are connected to each other through another through another horizontal pipe and a lift which transports which transport people from ground level. The imposing structure of the pipes offers a splendid view on the port and the airport, a factor, which influenced the developers comparable to the builders and investors of the Dubai model and which played a decisive role in the decision for this project.

The infrastructure is totally autonomous. The technology of the Savoniusrotors is used on the permanently windy platforms of the mountain plateau as well as the rain water, which is collected in containers and used in households, the waste disposal is managed through composting.

“Tower-Project” is based on studies of the 60's of the last century, which have their own history of development in the projects for the “new” humans of the social prognosis. The population development played an important role at that time, which can be seen in context of developments in space travel. Through science and research, a number of assumptions from vague concepts made it into the Without naming any literature references or research reports, let us confine to naming some key words the changes that have taken place, without referring to problems associated with them.

  • Reduced Individuality
  • Faeces and Urine collectors for processing
  • Reduced ownership
  • Changes in schooling and education
  • Changes in health related areas
  • Changes in life parts (facilities for certain age groups)
  • Gene manipulation in the biology (related to humans)
  • Brain manipulation in communication and Information Technology
  • Integrated production units (Termination of separate industrial areas in the economy)
  • Changes in way of furnishing (different from classical furnishing)
  • Changes in cooking methods.

The utopian looking changes may displease, but a look into the present time shows, that these changes are not registered as being unusual and are not seen in context.

  • Fast-food und soft-drinks
  • General uniformity, so-called International Design
  • Internet
  • “Harry-Potter” as synonymous for “spiritual” mass product
  • Gene manipulated foodstuffs
  • Directed influence on brain functions g.. Madness to remain young
  • Less employment
  • Tourism in an unreal world
  • Loss of religious values and its replacement by consume and event oriented lifestyle
  • Computer aided activities for body, memoiy and sences training and so on and so forth
Generally it can be established, that thje socalled progress is putting together of temporary solutionsw to the problems: there have been problems whenever humansintelligence. Only in very remote and faraway places is this development no so grave. Development extremists and progressw believers, mostly from urban city culture, refer to it as development emergency!

The “Tower-Project” is based upon the experiences of older, non-western cultures and is the answer to the conventional destruction of resources and the general unawareness about the - erroneous development in the western civilization.

In the beginning it is suggested for suburban areas, the diameter of such complexes is dependent upon the strength of the ground to provide room for 100000 residents, at the same time the project is also a link to the extra-terrestrial world.

It is well known, that each solution in the Greek-western culture causes two new problems. In the 150 or so years since the begin of the industrial era therefore theoretically 300 problems have been created. In the industrialized countries one success of the development is very limited. Free economy destroys resources, Society and Culture!


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