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Culture is a Basic Need

Sohanjna [Moringa] being processed in TGD

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One Baby One Tree

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International Dolls Museum, Flateyri

International Dolls Museum, Flateyri is a wonderful place that attracts lot of people with shared interests. In addition to the attraction the Museum is famous for, now visitors can also purchase the handicrafts from the region while they appreciate the dolls and enjoy coffee and cake. Also available are the small catalogue of the museum, a bag (see illustration below) is also available for carrying the purchased items or as a souvenir. Visitors will also like cards, with wonderful local scenery in silhouette. See the illustrations below:
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کولون: ریشماں کی تانیں اور کے ٹو

چھ اپریل کو جرمن شہر کولون میں ’اوریئنٹ‘ کے نام سے ایک روزہ تقریبات کے دوران جہاں گلوکارہ ریشماں کی آواز میں 
نغمے گونجتے رہے، وہیں شمالی پاکستان کے بلند و بالا پہاڑوں سے متعلق ایک فلم شو بھی دکھایا گیا۔

اتوار کے روز کولون کے راؤٹن شٹراؤخ ژوئشٹ میوزیم میں ان تقریبات کا آغاز صبح دَس بجے ہوا اور یہ شام چھ بجے اپنے اختتام کو پہنچیں۔ ان تقریبات پر ترک ثقافت کی چھاپ اگرچہ زیادہ گہری تھی تاہم وہاں ایشیا، عرب دنیا اور قفقاز کے خطّے سے بھی رنگا رنگ دستکاری مصنوعات اور رقص و موسیقی کے مظاہرے پروگرام کا حصہ رہے۔ ساتھ ساتھ مختلف 
مذاکروں میں ان خطّوں کے فن و ثقافت اور زبان و ادب کو بھی موضو ع بنایا گیا تھا۔

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Art and More

Thatta Kedona Art and More by f560415578

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Blog-Cinema: Pakistan trilogy Two - "Commitment" (D 1991, 29 min) [Web Premiere]

Pakistan trilogy Two: "Commitment", D 1991, 29 min Production: DGFK. A film by Amjad Ali, Norbert Pintsch, Joachim Polzer and Senta Siller, analog video, SD, 4:3.

The second part of Pakistan trilogy depicts examples of civic engagement (relatively affluent) citizens in the cities of Pubjab.

Anese Fatima Majid Khan, founder of the Foundation Esena girls high school, died in early April 2013 Your Funeral and Memorial page on Facebook.:

The Foundation Esena girls high school in Lahore lives and works on:

The first two parts of Pakistan trilogy born in 1991; Part One, entitled "Amjad's Village" on the home village of the German-wave journalist Amjad Ali can be found here:

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Mud House Owners Annual Quality of Life Competition

Friends of Thatta Kedona know about our annual Mud House Owners Annual Quality of Life Competition – cherished AFA tradition when owners compete for the best mud house, details and designs. Everyone take part and prepare before the competition. It goes without saying that this is the spirit of that NGO AFA has infused in the villagers and they look forward to the compaction. In the process the village can be seen in an immaculate condition round the year. Here are some of the images of the competition this year:
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One Baby One Tree

One Baby One Tree lives on. This Marlies Bartkiewitz-Schmid and Mr. Ilyas handed over saplings to registered babies from BHU. Here are some of the images:


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University Students Come to TGD

Once again students from the University of the Punjab University visited the village TGD in order to obtain an impression about the life in rural area. They spent time in the building of the NGO as well as traditional mud houses.

As usual, the FPAC sponsored the purchase of books and pencils for school children at the start of the school year in the village school. The FPAC promotes education in the rural areas with emphasis on TGD as well a project for students of civil engineering, who should not only learn theoretically about mud architecture but also work actively with mud in given structures. Here are some of the images of the event:
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Recent Developments in the Basic Health Unit (BHU) AFA Thatta Ghulamla Dhiroka


Dr Leila, DGFK, General Physician, New Zealand, Bettina Fiedler, DGFK, Pharmacist, Germany Dr Elizabeth DGFK, General Physician, Australia, Dr Karola, CIDA, SES, General Physician, Germany, Rescue Nurse, Switzerland, Erika Burchard, Optician, Germany, Gundula Gomoll, Physiotherapist, Germany


Originally meant to be medical service in a neglected village with 40 patients in the beginning put up ina temporary housing. Shifting into a converted farmers house with equipments for Doctors,nurses and patients chambers as well as residentials room in upper storey for doctor and assistants.

The upper story is now also available for registered guests or tourists against payment [WC, Shower and Kitchen is available].

Once a year "One-Baby-OneTree" event takes place. A measure for improvement of micro-climate.
The school children in the village schools are treated for lice and other special insects once a year regularly.

The BHU is funded through donations. A Tambola event is organized annually to raise funds for supporting the work of the BHU.

A change is taking place due to the massive influence of industrially produced medicines; uncontrolled use of medicines is leading to various illnesses. The NGO has therefore decided to promote the use of traditional medicines (Moringa-tree, Neem Tree).

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