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TGD Architectural Ornaments

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Thatta Kedona at DAACHI Exhibition 2016

Ali Amjad, Deutsche Welle, Geh. Redakteur, Urdu Programm, Senior Editor, Urdu Service

Thatta Kedona participated in the DAACHI Exhibition 2016 held from 16 to 18 April 2016 at the Lahore Grande (near Gymkhana), every day from 10am to 8pm. Large number of interested people visited Thatta Kedona Stall.

Cultural toys and dolls of Thatta Kedona were highly appreciated the organizers as well as the exhibitors, who said that they were missing the beautiful handicrafts from Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka for quite a while now.

Many visitors were astonished to see the fine quality of the items, produced at the Women Art Center in the village. With the passage of time many entrepreneurs have started copying the “Thatta Kedona” products but their products lack the acuteness and fineness of the products that were created under the guidance of Dr. Senta Siller, the German lady, who started this project back in 1993.
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Dr Senta Siller in Pakistan

Dr Senta Siller was in Pakistan where she had a very busy time in research and development, meeting people from research specialties to local NGOs and artisans, and also giving guidelines to Thatta Kedona artisans for Lok Virsa Mela (April 2016). Here are some of the images of her activities while in Pakistan:  

Senior Researcher Dr Senta Siller at National Data Base of Lok Virsa, Islamabad that includes a library for the benefit of scholars on subjects of Cultural Heritage.
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Preparation for participation in Lok Virsa Mela

The unique handmade cultural dolls and toys are a great attraction for visitors at the annual Lok Mela held at under the aegis of Lok Virsa Islamabad. The doll makers of the Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka (aka Dolls Village) also eagerly look forward to this international even where they take part and display their art (cultural dolls dressed in authentic attire from different places in Pakistan, educational toys and handicrafts).

Dolls and toys makers have come a long way since the inception of the project. Thanks to the research and guidance of senior German Volunteer Dr Senta Siller and Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch that the local artisans produce quality products that fascinate and attract attention of a lot of people who are interested in cultural toys and handicrafts.

We are preparing to participate in the upcoming Lok Virsa Mela later this month. See you there.

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One Baby One Tree - 2016

Each year, AFA (the village NGO) celebrates spring in a unique way. Thanks to senior German Volunteers who gather in Thatta Kedona Ghulamka Dheroka (aka Dolls Village) and arrange a colourful get together where sapling of decorative and floral trees are distributed among the residents. The local land is very fertile and the trees bloom in the village all round the year.

Result: each home has at least one flower tree and one fruit tree in their courtyards and or backyards. That gives a very serene look to the whole village. In addition, most homes also have local herbal trees like Moringa, Aloe Vera and more in their kitsch gardens.

This year, Mr Farooq Ahmed from TTTC of AFA in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka distributed the saplings in the Basic Health Unit.

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Annual Distribution of Books in Village Schools 2016

Over quarter century ago, Senior German Volunteer Dr. Senta Siller had conceived and implemented the idea of giving books to the students of two government schools in Thatta Kedona Ghulamka Dheroka – the Dolls and Toy Village to promote education in rural community. At the start of academic session, AFA - the local NGO - distributes books (and stationary items) among the students of Government Girls Primary School as well as in Government Boys Primary School in the Village.

This tradition has become a milestone in the lives of students of both the schools and (as well as their parents). On the one hand, the students compete and wait for the Distribution of book and on the other, it takes away some of the financial burden from parents shoulders.

This year, Principal Mr Ashraf and Vice-Principal Mrs Sonia from The Valley of Knowledge School, Lahore along with 7 pupils, Ahmad Jalal from Kids Campus, Principal Mrs Rukhsana with 6 pupils from Okara and Head Master and teachers from boys and girls school in TGD and young students attended the event.

Have a look at these images and it will give you the feeler of the atmosphere and show the shine on the faces of students.

"AFA (NGO) takes keen interest in the education of the children in the Village," said Dr Norbert Pintsch, a senior German volunteer.     

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Annual Quality of Life Competition - 2016

Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka local NGO (AFA) has been holding quality of life competition under the Preservation of Cultural Heritages Program where prizes are given to house owners for specially interesting details on mud homes. This has been a great way to slow the spread of brick housing and also to retain the traditional housing to give the visitors an impression of life rural Punjab.

This year Mr Farooq from Men’s Centre (TTTC) of AFA / TGD gave away the awards.

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Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch in GCU Lahore

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch (SES) is a German Senior Volunteer who has been working in Pakistan (and in many oher countries) for over quarter Century. Now Pakistan is like his second home (that is why I call him Chaudhry Norbert now). He started working in a remote Punjab village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka - some 80 Kilometers from Lahore - and over time have made it a model village. His special interests are appropriate technology, preservation of rural culture, housing, handicrafts, communication and information, income generation for rural communities (through self help projects) and promotion of academic coordination.

This time in Pakistan, Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch was invited to Government College University, Lahore where he delivered a lecture on “Open and Closed System of Development Demonstrated Through an Example of a Village Project in Pakistan.”

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch is a retired Professor, Architect, Engineer, MBA by Profession and presently a social worker who represents German Society for Promotion of Culture.

The DGFK (German Society for Promotion of Culture) was officially registered in 1973 at the district court Berlin-Charlottenburg.

The main activities of the society in the beginning revolved around promotion of culture in its widest sense. About 133 projects were initiated or supported which included projects of art exhibitions, lectures as well as concerts, film projects and festivals.

A number of publications were published and events initiated and organized in Berlin, Germany and other European and Non-European countries.

Since 1990 however, most of the activities of the society are concentrated in the Non-European regions.
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Special Housing Impact

By Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch 

How closely these areas are interconnected with each other can be well explained through Anglo-Saxon terms, for example Marketing and Distribution, which are gladly used in many other languages too.

The durability of such expressions is very limited and will be soon history, as we can see on hand for words like hippies. Also yuppies is not much better in this regard. Who knows today terms like DINKS (Double Income No Kids), LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), or PARKOS (Internet Users Participative Consumers) and LOVOS (Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity)! If now, in the context of growing automation of industry, many follow this trend blindly like lemmings in the clouds, it may unsettle many people from older generations but not NERDS (Computer fans), who recognize in it prospect for greater income by dedicating themselves to MINT-Subjects (Maths, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technology) while at the same time further educating themselves in MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses).
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