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Culture is a Basic Need

Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama Meet Up

Thatta Kedona founding members and senior German volunteers meet and discuss what to do next in the Toy Village whenever they can and wherever it is possible. 

On 13 June 2019, there was one such meeting in Nauen / Gross Behnitz. Amjad Ali, the President of Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama met Dr Senta SILLER, DGFK and Dr Norbert Pintsch, FBTC, FPAC and reminisced about the past, present and future of Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama back in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka, Punjab, Pakistan.

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Artist-in-Residence program - a big success

The A-e-F-e-A (NGO) has taken a future-oriented path:

Artistic activity in the countryside, as a means for the promotion of a positive perception of projects, also for students as interested participants!

In cooperation with the DGFK and Cultura (two German NGOs), Peter Hecht, Draftsman, sculptor and musician, spent a month in TGD.
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Printing Allama Iqbal

In a meeting at Dabistan-e-Iqbal, Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch (senior German volunteer from DGFK) , Mr Anees Yaqoob, Iqbal Sallahud Din (grandson of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and himself a leading social entrepreneur) and Mr Auranzeb Suharwardi (lead management consultant) discussed various steps of the Iqbal printing project.

Dr Norbert, in addition to Allama Iqbal’s German connections, explained his wonderfully inspiring social sector developments project in the village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka near OKARA where he has initiated various activities and small projects.
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Visit of Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

By Omar M. Ali

Spring visit of Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, in Pakistan for the purpose of keeping in touch with people (Prof Dr Noor, S A J Shirazi, Prof Aamir Rafique, Arch Ghayyoor Obaid, Calligraphy and artist Anees Yaqub, Prof Dr Amir H. Malik, Prof Dr Rubeena, a.o.) and Institutions (PU, LSE, AFA, FPAC a.o.) always beings the plathora of activities in the Dolls Village and also in Lahore. Here are glimpses of some  of the activities:

Visit to the AFA project in TGD

Students of the Punjab University visited the village under the supervision of Prof Aamir Rafique.
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Village Project on Express News

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German Society for the Promotion of Culture

The German Society for the Promotion of Culture e. V. , short DGFK e. V., is a non-governmental organization that was registered in 1973 at the Register of Associations Berlin-Charlottenburg . The preparations for the club foundation had begun in 1972. Founding members were u. a. Andre Warner, Norbert Pintsch, [1] Wilhelm Koessl, Manoocher Firoozan ( Iran ), Billy Aparicio ( Bolivia ) and SK Lee ( Korea ).
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Building Practice over Time

By Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, IPC, FPAC

Notes on building in rural areas, incl. historic preservation

The protection against the wrongs of nature has always been the topic of construction.- yesterday, today and probably tomorrow!

In non-industrialized times, one used the available resources of the respective environment. Due to growing population and concentration, resources were increasingly used up and destroyed.

In the micro-area of ​​construction, dwellings are created, in the eyes of the builders, for a long period of time. This period was reduced over the course of the century, because the rule was meant to be generational; the growing elite built its buildings for many generations - meanwhile it has been reduced to one generation.
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Village project on Dunya News

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اوکاڑہ کا نواحی گاؤں ڈولز ویلیج کہلایا جانے لگا

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About the basic misconception of NGO projects

By Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / IPC, FPAC, FBTC, DGFK

NGO projects are non-profit ventures, i.e. altruistic projects. The critical viewer quickly realizes whether the project is financially beneficial to the circle of contributors or a family.

If the facility is useful for a family and it finances the life of this family, which also applies to large families, so they should honestly convert it into private limited company.

The project carriers and the supporters of the project normally do not share this view, for which there are two reasons:

- the project carriers, the users and the suppliers, are simply too connected to each other to recognize this fact, and
- The supporters are too superficial, so that the of concealment is not perceived.

Another widespread problem is the inability of the participants to identify themselves as a project in the global and increasingly uniform world.

This means:

- Unknowingly, economic opportunities are transferred from A to B. These possibilities were in the past the results of colonialism, in the present it is the short-sighted spread of standards of so-called industrialized countries to the so-called developing countries.

Now it could be argued that life in a country is never one-sided, and in every country there is a gap between the upper and lower classes.

That is true, but the purpose of NGO projects is not to participate in the transfer of external values, but to preserve the peculiarities of the local values.

If this purpose is not shared by the project carriers, who operate under the cloak of selflessness, then the transformation into a serious private limited company should be undertaken and the principles of profit maximization followed.

The voluntary work, which was part of the long-term project work in various countries, was therefore discontinued and commercial consultation on usual rules for international business were offered.

Even if the above argument may seem antisocial to the reader, the rule remains: one and one is two, - not more, but also not less!

A wrong must be named as wrong!

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