Thatta Kedona

Culture is a Basic Need

Thatta Kedona Documentaries - How it all started

Thatta Kedona - the toy village of Pakistan - Part 1

Thatta Kedona - the toy village of Pakistan - Part 2

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And Again: Topic NGO

Omar M. Ali, Njini King Caro, Ricardo Koslez and Norbert Pintsch
Money is not there for its own sake, but for the sake of the society.
Time is NOT money.
Time is for the benefit of the society.
LIFE is not there to suppress other members of the society, but to serve them.
Development does not mean Consumption, Job-Searching and Leisure Activity any more, rather the quest for the highest form of luxury: the voluntary surrender and drawing of individual boundaries for the good of the society.
Again and again we come across good reasons for pointing out the differences between the NON-Government Organizations and the Government organizations and companies!

NGOs work without a fixed budget and financial planning. This means their existence is not secured fund the highest level of attention is required to navigate the small boat in stormy waters of everyday situations.
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Happy Independence Day

Independence Day Info Graphic:


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University Students in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka

Thatta Kedona, in addition to producing dolls, toys and other cultural handicrafts has been a center of leaning since its inception over a decade ago. Students from different universities have been visiting Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka for research, orientation and or for sightseeing.
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Extreme Housing

Dr. Norbert Pintsch and Ghayyoor Obaid

A pre-condition for development of future-oriented housing concepts is the capability to be open and to question what is currently available.


This long-term project of the IPC has its roots in the beginning of the 60's of the last century, which was characterized by continuously improving technological possibilities and enormous changes in the psychological and social behavior. These refer apart from raising of children, family life and way of cooking, practical methods of production and problems of intimate areas (discontinuation of shower and WC-paper) and clothing (different forms of fashion) also to furnishings and fixtures, which follow different compulsions. Similarly, the designs are more function oriented and therefore differ totally from the traditionally known and usual forms of design.
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Art of Infrastructure

Have a look at these posters (# and #) and also see Mobile Modes and Truck Art and you can imagine how fast things are changing. May be we will only have some of the old, cultural and eco friendly functions we are so used to only in museums.

You are the best judge to decide what is good for us?

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Dolls, Toys and More

Free download Dolls, Toys and More - eBook by S A J Shirazi

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Thatta Kedona Artisans

Dolls Makers
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My first impression of Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka

Stephanie Walter

The plain of Punjab seems endless and from a distance village TGD looks like a little toy village made of clay bricks. As I enter the village I feel the pulse of life there; vibrant and lively. There is no hurry there. People live in peace and are happy at a slow pace. I could also see solar energy panels mounted on the building of Woman Art Center.

I am here in TGD to be with kids in the schools. On my way to school on the first day I am latterly surrounded (and escorted) by girls. As I enter the school for the first time, set of big, brown eyes look at me with curiosity and joy. I find the little school girls happy to find me among them. Their joy says welcome to me.

And so I am glad to teach English lessons and a bit of basic math to girls. I had brought magnetic letters and number from Germany and they are not only amazing for young girls but also a great help in teaching. The girls really love them.

As the school blackboards are not magnetic so we converted doors in to into blackboards. While I teach, I wonder how much potential these students have. They are so keen on learning. It is a sheer pleasure to be with such students. And the pleasure of being with little girls makes me forget my urban life.

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Dolls of the World

{Urdu Text - Click to Enlarg}


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