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BNU Students in TGD

The number of foreign visitors and guests to TGD in comparison to earlier times as been steadily going down due to known reasons. Through the hard work of the NGO in the village as well as its participation in the projects in Lahore, especially the sample houses at the Peerzada Cultural Complex and also at the Beaconhouse National University, a number of students from universities in Lahore made excursions to the village in order to acquaint themselves with the village life. At the end of the month, Mr. Farooq was able to once again greet another group of students under the guidance of Prof. Gwendolyn.

The Internet-Radio of the village also interviewed a few guests. The interviews can be heard here.

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Art festival

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Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart

Bazaars are wonderful events. They bring together volunteers, artists and so many others who are interested in cultural arts and there preservation and helop disseminate information. Lately, one bazaar was held in Ethnologic Museum Vienna and another in House of Economy, Stuttgart.
House of Economy, Stuttgart, place of the handicraft bazar 2012
Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart brought together Marlies Barkiewicz who has been involved in BHU of AFA in TGD, Sophie Kuppler who was in summer school of WAC of AFA in TGD in the high mountains in Northern Pakistan, Inge Keindl who was in WAC of AFA in TGD not only in Pakistan but also in Cameroon and Colombia projects. Monika Kuppler who has been many times in Pakistan (and in Colambia) was also there in the Bazaar. Here are some images from Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart:
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Bazaar in Ethnologic Museum

Bazaar in Ethnologic Museum Vienna

Prof Norbert Pintsch with Babar Khan, the President of Pakistan-Austrian Society

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Dolls, Toys and More - Book Project

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Cultural Construction

The term Housing was discussed in some of our recent articles and we referred there to the Cultural Model, in which the human effort is actively promoted, -the traditional one as well as the socalled traditional one.

Although it was not possible to completely avoid the conflict between religion and science, still we were able to describe in one go a new cultural formula. The Inter-dependencies between the individual areas can be epoch-making, for example currently the economy. Is an individual area so important, it can be compared with a cold star in the astronomical terminology. In our example this would mean that the economy does continue to play its role but not in its current ly known form.
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Happy Birthday - Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller

On the occasion of the birthday of Dr. Siller Siller, I on my own behalf and on the behalf of all friends of Thatta Kedona, take  the opportunity to thank her heartily for her exemplary and untiring efforts towards the cause.

Happy Birthday to Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller – the honorable Mother of Dolls who is recipient of Floriade (the Netherlands), Gestaltetes Spielgut (Creative Toys – German Toys Industry), Bundesverdienstkreuz (highest civil order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) and many more honors.

We recommend Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller for Pakistan President's Award for Pride of Performance.

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Kids and Toys

Kids and toys (pdf) is a small booklet, which has been prepared on the basis of work with different NGOs in the country and gives information about handicrafts and appropriate technology including climate friendly housing. This happens by using simple painted figures.
The value of self made things, the usage of garbage for playful purposes up till music instruments,the possibility to construct climate friendly buildings from apparently simple materials and to use them through de-centralized technology, to making diverse vehicles run by using solar technology; these are the aims of the booklet, because children are more open to new concepts as compared to stressed out adults and career oriented students. Practical examples, for example baking a cake, go along with booklet as a rule.
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Thatta Kedona at World Performing Arts Festival

The turnout increased on the third day of World Performing Arts Festival and the dazzling entry of horses dancing on drumbeat into the venue was the event of the evening.

Visitors to stalls showcasing antiques, jewellery and handicrafts increased and a large number of foreigners were seen dressed up in Pakistani apparel such as kurtas with mirror work, pendants and shawls.

Thatta Kedona, a stall run by an NGO that helps rural women, sold handmade dolls and village toys that attracted locals as well as tourists.

The Museum of Puppetry stall sold bags, t-shirts and small puppets. Children thronged the face-painting stall. “It is an excellent event but there isn’t too much activity on the stalls apart from face-painting,” said Yasmeen Saad.

Ticket for Sunday night’s music show were sold out several hours before the show began. Ziryab Art Creations from Syria were the prime feature of the music show. They performed on a combination of vocals, monologue and music representing rituals and ceremonies of the ancient Syrian civilisation with a contemporary 21st century perspective.

Members of the group told Daily Times that the songs had been derived from poems on tablets as old as 2000 BC. “Our songs talk of life, death, eternity and love while the expressive dances embody harvest festivity, fertility ceremonies, the underworld and the temple dancer,” a member said. “Syria is famous for its history and ancient culture.” The audience was appalled not only by the dance but also by the dresses.

French group Jaleo Real, which sang songs from its new album Pichia, was also appreciated. His music was a mixture of reggae, the Cuban sound, flamenco and tango all hooked up to the vigorous musical energy of street rumba. The group consisted of two lead vocalists, two Spanish guitarists, a bass player and a Cajon flamenco player.

An Iranian troupe called Salar Aghili also performed on Sunday night. Their light soothing music with very appealing light rhythms mesmerised the audience, as they sung poetry by such masters as Hafiz, Rumi and Saadi.

Indian dance Kathakali was one of the popular events of the evening. After a successful performance on Saturday, the number of visitors increased significantly on Sunday. Kathakali is literally a play based on tales of gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology, but the art of Kathakali is more than that. It can be called a dance, a drama, a ballet, an opera, a pantomime or a miracle play.

Lemon, a puppet troupe from Iran, played Waiting in Café Parker. The Farsi play is based on Arthur Miller’s classic Death of a Salesman and speaks of the desire to dream and the desire to survive.

Pathirage Chandika Pathiraja, a puppet show by a Sri Lankan troupe, was not as popular as the Iranian show. It was a subtle commentary on social traditions such as dowry and early marriage presented in an entertaining manner. The Daily Times Report


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Pakistan Pavilion

By Jyoti Kalsi, Gulf News Report

Authentic Shahi Haleem from the famous Kausar restaurant in Karachi, a variety of delicious sweets, hand-embroidered salwar suits and shawls, trendy leather jackets and handbags, traditional handmade shoes, glittering jewellery, intricately carved wooden furniture, beautiful carpets and entertainment by well known performers — you can get all this and more at the Pakistan pavilion in Global Village.

The façade of this pavilion is modelled on the Baba E Khyber Fort in Peshawar, while the interior is a recreation of a typical Peshawari bazaar with over 80 stalls offering a taste of Pakistani culture, cuisine and creativity. While all the people managing the stalls and the items on sale are Pakistani, visitors will be surprised to find a German manning a stall here. Roman Laube is a media designer from Berlin and is spending his annual vacation as a volunteer for an NGO called Thatta Kedona. He has flown down to Dubai especially to help manage the organisation's stall at the pavilion.

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Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka to Cologne

Dr. Senta Siller along with veteran volunteer Monika Kupler (who has been to Pakistan as much as six times) marketing and giving information in Bazaar in Cologne, Germany.


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50 Jahre

Published punctually on the day of founding of the German-Pakistan Forum, the speciality of this publication is to see the various possibilities of cooperation described in it not only between Pakistan and Germany but also between Pakistan and Austria or Switzerland; This is justified through events and lectures by experts on Pakistan, who are active in these three countries.

A novelty is the difference between the printed copy with a foreword by the honorary consul of Germany in Pakistan as well and the internet edition with some difference as well as Lahore being the place of issue. Publisher is Omar M. Ali, who already worked on the pages of the DGFK for the edition of 50 years Pakistan, Bonn and 60 years Pakistan, Berlin.
Download 50 Jahre - free eBook

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