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Where is Dr. Senta Siller?

Dr. Senta Siller – mother of dolls and moving spirit soul of Thatta Kedona – did not come to the village this year. Friends of the project and readers here were wondering where is Dr. Senta Siller?

Dr. Senta Siller is doing a lot. She has been winding up Pakistan House Potsdam that was founded by her in 2001. She Pakistan House is closing down and Gross Behnitz - another international project is starting.

Along with winding up of Pakistan House, Dr. Senta Siller has been training a group of women in handicrafts and making clothing for Gross Behnitz project. Dr. Senta Siller will start the next training course from Gross Behnitz. During this period, she with other volunteers has also managed 30 bazaar days in ethnological museums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stay tuned, more will come on Pakistan House and Gross Behnitz project?

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Thatta Kedona at BBC

Listen Arjum Wajid from (BBC World Service) Interview; Download.

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Fine Art of Block Printing

Young Aslam displays his art work (bedspreads sheets, table cloth, wall hangings, a melee of colour and an extravaganza of design) in Thatta Kedona show room at Lahore under the approving gaze of Dr. Senta Siller. Aslam needs no coaxing to display the finished pieces. As quickly as he spreads his art pieces, he rattles off the names. Persian 1, Persian 11, Masjid Wazir Khan, the palm tree, peacock palm, dancing parrots, the elephant tram and six peacocks, also naming the prestigious places where these designs are in use at the moment.

Aslam represents fourth generation of the family carrying forward the art of block printing that is at the verge on extinction. Block printing represents an age when mastery over art was the struggle of a life time of hard labour and Aslam does not seem to forget this philosophy even thought he has ambitious to innovate and diversify the art of his forefathers in a big way.
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Meeting with the Governor Punjab

Dr. Senta Siller and Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch called on the Governor Punjab Lt Gen (Retd) Khalid Maqbool in the Governor House on April 19, 2007 [File Photo].


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Broadcasting in Rural Areas

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Dolls of the World

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Thatta Kedona Dolls with Chief Minister Punjab

Aamir Rafique from Thatta Kedona and the Secretary Foundation for Promotion of Academic Collaboration met Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and presented Thatta Kedona dolls. Here are some of the pictures of the occasion [File Photos].

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Thatta Kedona Activities

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Punjab Summer Landscape


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