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Culture is a Basic Need

Culture is a basic need

Cultural curators say the most important factors for the current development were laid in the 19th century. The rejection of thinking and acting as a community meant for the technology an enormous increase in the industrial production because the division of work led to higher productivity and new professions and it appeared on the face of it to increase the standard of living in western cultures (for example the Taylorism as introduced in Ford automobile factories).

Analysis of the society by political and economic thinkers led to development theories, which could not foresee the effects of these policies as evidenced today. The cardinal error by these theorists was the euro-centristic model, i.e. nobody took the happenings in other cultures into consideration..

In Smith's economic system, the free market functioned globally, as long as global meant regionally and maximum on a national level.

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The Market of People

Dr. Senta Siller has been busy in displaying beautiful handmade dolls from Pakistan at bazaars in the ethnological Museum in Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Vienna Austria and bringing them to “market of people.”

Dr Senta Siller got an award in Brandenburg for the work in the Project Landgut Borsig. Here are some images of Dr. Senta Siller with Dr Posch – the former Austrian Ambassador in Pakistan.
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Visible Change

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Dr. Siller Siller,  I on my own behalf and on the behalf of all other volunteers associated with Thatta Kedona we take this opportunity to thank her heartily for her exemplary and untiring efforts towards the cause.

Twenty years are a long time for a village NGO, or for that matter any other organizations from private and government sectors. The Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama in district Okara (near Gogera) has come a long way in th last two decades. From the start, the NGO never aimed at mass production and has focused on high quality products in small.

The work of the NGO is based upon artistic handicraft. Remember, a large machine based production would be dependent upon the energy supply, which in this country, is hardly available 24 hours.

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