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Exhibition in the WAC of the AFA (NGO) in TGD

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After last year's successful exhibition of the photo exhibition TGD 1994 at the Alhamra Art Gallery in Lahore, students of the PU were able to admire together with the local villagers the work of the photographer R. Borowka as guests in the village. For the guests from the city, it was also an immersion in the traditions of a Punjabi village culture, for the villagers it was remembrance about many local elders in the pictures, who are not alive any more.

The exhibition was a successful event for the organizers.

Pres AA (journalist of the DW) and GenSecr AR (outstanding German language teacher in universities in Lahore, also GenSecr of the FPAC) and as guest of honor the NGO consultant Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch from Germany, who opened the event by cutting the tape.

In a lecture, the project initiated by SSi and the cooperating foreign and local Volunteers was explained and insight was given into old techniques, such as weaving and pottery making as well as -very interestingly- how the village drumming tradition is used as a form of communication. The boy as well as girl students gladly danced along the rhythms of the drummer.

In the event, the NGO also used the opportunity to exhibit handicraft products and a video film about the project was also presented.

The eventful and inspiring day of the visit ended with the guests visiting a traditional clay architecture house and then going back to Lahore.

The students, mostly from German class, said goodbye and practiced at the same time their German skills with the help of AA, AR and NP.

The highlights of the project are: It is a local, Pakistani village NGO with special relations to Germany. The NGO has launched a holistic, altruistic project with a large number of volunteers and have actively pursued visions of the future. The NGO is called AFA and it is the mother project with Offshoots in Cameroon, Colombia, etc. Thus there are unique opportunities that are on the side of young scientists with FPAC on its side and networking with other organizations like DGFK, IPC, etc.

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What is success?

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Discussion between employees of a top Pakistani university and Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

The implementation of an idea, which is oriented to the specifics of an environment, into reality; that is a success! In the classical sense, success is not necessarily permanent, it is however important, despite various difficulties, to have an idea implemented and made visible.

The general environment can, but does not necessarily have to, continue the idea, because different forms of limitations can stand in the way, like:

-traditional attitudes,
-family considerations in large associations,
-consumptive and opportunistic behavior.

It follows, but does not necessarily have to, that only the most capable and strongest members, of a community are able to continue an idea and create a replacement to the mainstream.

In the field of education, those who follow the mainstream and participate accordingly are considered successful. A pedagogical, business-oriented success is therefore acknowledged only to those, who adhere to the mainstream. Hardly controllable but more interesting are the affects of this development, which become visible only after years.


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Dr Norbert Pintsch back in Pakistan

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Happy Birthday to Dr Senta Siller - Mother of Dolls

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On the occasion of the birthday of Dr. Siller Siller, I on my own behalf and on the behalf of all friends of Thatta Kedona, take the opportunity to thank her heartily for her exemplary and untiring efforts towards the cause.

Happy Birthday to Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller – the honorable Mother of Dolls who is recipient of Floriade (the Netherlands), Gestaltetes Spielgut (Creative Toys – German Toys Industry), Bundesverdienstkreuz (highest civil order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) and many more honors.

On the other hand, a simple but dignified celebration was in former home from her Grandfather in the Castle of Wilheliminenberg.

Attending were from left Karl (Volunteer in the Village project 1998, now near Salzburg), Dr Senta Siller (1993 - 2015 in the Village TGD), Anneliese, assistant in Vienna Museum-Bazar with Dr Senta (2008-2012), Gittebritt (Volunteer in the Village project 1995/1996, now in Albania/Tirana), and Dr Norbert (1994-2016 in the Village TGD).

We recommend Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller for Pakistan President's Award for Pride of Performance.

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Special Guests

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