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What Women Do Online

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Unicast's "What Women Want From the Web Report" (pdf) Summer 2010, which polled 516 adult women, found 95% of women plan to go online, and 62% notice and/or interact with online advertising. Women aged 18-24 use the web more than other age groups for all activities except keeping up with news - 53% vs. 67% overall.

What Women Plan To Do Online:

- 76% plan to connect with friends and family
- 67% will keep up with news
- 64% plan to shop for sales/compare prices
- 59% intend to entertain themselves (play games, listen to music or watch TV/movies)
- 48% will research travel/vacations

The ads that resonate with women:

- 46% - include sales, discount codes
- 31% - feature creating/submitting an entry to win a prize
- 24% - provide customized local information
- 22% - offer interactive surveys/quizzes

The products women notice ads for:

- 35% - entertainment
- 33% - food and beverages, or health/beauty products
- 30% - fashion/clothing
- 27% - travel
- 20% - gaming

The report found women who visit blogs notice online advertising far more than overall respondents. While this is a small group with 13% of women who read blogs regularly, it shows, no surprise, females are potentially more open to ads from relevant sources of information that they trust.

The report was conducted May 27-28 by the Polling Company, Inc. The online survey queried 1,062 Americans age 18+ and analyzed the responses of the 516 women queried.

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