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Success of NGOs due to Selflessness

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Omar M. Ali

An example of obviously excellent project work is the ThattaKedona project of the Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama in the village of Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroke in the district of Okara, Tehsil Gogera. The initiative began in the autumn of 1990 with a visit from Austrian graphic designer S.S. in the village.

The special thing about the project is that it is actually a self-help project, and that outside help was primarily selfless. In the daughter projects (see www. ...) of the ThattaKedona project, this peculiarity is also evident as well: The external participation depends upon whether something is drawn from a project, i.e. portion of the financial success. Comparisons with other projects show that volunteer can be found in projects, but they want (whether they have to, that is the crucial question) to be paid or financed . They give their time, but want to be rewarded! In the projects of S.S. The selflessness prevails, - which is the basis of long-term success. The local management of the NGO also does not live on the income, - a worldwide novelty and rarity in NGOs!

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