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Best mud hut in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka

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Celebrating the Rich Culture

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Organised annually, at the start of the winter season in the federal capital by the Ministry of Culture and Lok Virsa, the Lok Virsa Festival provides an opportunity to local and foreign visitors to savour the cultural diversity of Pakistan in all its colourful splendour.

The event is also an endeavour for creating in Pakistanis an understanding and appreciation for cultures and communities that exist in other regions of the country. In this way, this cultural gala also plays a role in forging and fostering national harmony and integration.

Marked by verve and zest, with folk artists and artisans dressed in gay, multi-hued attires, dancers swaying to traditional tunes, musicians singing traditional songs, craftsmen creating and displaying their traditional arts and crafts, one experiences a highly palpable excitement upon visiting the festival. And then there is the rural cuisine which is also a part of this colourful fair.

In addition to providing the general public with entertainment and also the rare opportunity of seeing and enjoying the diverse cultures that dot the landscape of Pakistan, all in one place, this two-week long festival also exposes the artists and artisans to trade and economic transaction as local and foreign businessmen also visit the festival with the view of finding arts, crafts and goods that might be attractive business propositions for them. Thus the festival also has a positive economic purpose.

The holding of this event in Islamabad has a symbolic value since being the capital of Pakistan, it represents the federation and the unity of the federating units. However, it would be a welcome idea if such festivals were also organised in all the four provincial capitals, allowing a greater number of Pakistanis to experience and enjoy the vast cultural vista of Pakistan. {Via Dawn}


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