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Dolls, Toys and More

Pre press discussion with S A J Shirazi, the writer and publisher of Dolls, Toys and More

How have the topics been selected?

Dolls, Toys and More is a story of two decades of work by NGO in a village called Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka. How change has come in the village?

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Large number of volunteers have worked in the project since its inception. It would have been less interesting for the readers, if we were only to describe project in detail as they would know less about the location, the background and the history of the local toys in the Punjab. The life in the village is definitely interesting from the point of view of literature, but this topic may be discussed separately. An idea can be obtained however by reading the three short stories taken over by me and written by Ulrike Vestring. It would also be inappropriate to discuss and describe at this point the concept of Mud Housing and the Appropriate Technology, both of which can be discussed separately.
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Interaction with rural culture

Rural culture is an important attraction for urban folks. It is a great learning as well. On Mar 20, 2013, students from University of Punjab visited the Dolls Village and showed a keen interest in rural life. During a daylong visit the students mixed up with the village folks and interacted with them. Here are some of the glimpses from the visit:

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Books Distribution Ceremony FPAC - 2013

FPAC alonwith the students from University of Punjab visited Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka and spent a day in the Dolls' Village on Mar 20, 2013. They also participated in annual books distribution ceremony held in the village whenn when the local NGO AFA distributes books among students of the two primary schools in the village. Here are some glimpses of the day:
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Dolls of the World


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Monika Kuppler in TGD


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Norbert Pintsch of SES is back in Pakistan

Dr. Norbert Pintsch from Senior Exert Service (SES) is back in Pakistan and will be here mid May. Dr. Pintsch also brings best wishes for all friends of dolls from Dr Senta Siller. There are aa lot of interesting Appropriate Technology innovation to do in Men's Centre on his agenda. Please stay tuned for more on Thatta Kedona activities in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka aka Dolls Village.

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Volunteers and spring come to the Village together

Thatta Kedona spring activities are picking up. Dr. Norbert Pintsch is in the village. Monika Kuppler in arriving in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka where she will be busy with series of her pottery workshops.

In addition to so many other things, flowers and decorative trees will be handed over to residents under ‘one baby one tree’ program, books will be distributed to students of schools in the village and mud houses' competition will also be held. Please stay tuned for more.
On another note, Stephanie Walter - a Thatta Kedona veteran volunteer is who was here last year is back in Pakistan on an other important assignment. We hope she will find time to visit the village where her student still remember him.

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With Dr. Senta Siller

With Dr. Senta Siller and Ilyas on the bank of Lower Jhelum Canal near my village Mong - file photo.


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Women's Art Center Tailor Room

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Thatta Kedona Dolls

Thatta Kedona Dolls. Go meet them.


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Handicraft in Men Center

New handicraft are produced in Men Centre of AFA at TGD. Air Glider is another tiny winy toy manufactured by Zephanja from October 2007 to January 2008.
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