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Visit to LSE

Mr. Amjad Ali, Journalist Voice of Germany (the person who became the cause of Amjad Ali's Village Project in the first place decades ago) and Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch, senior volunteer from SES called on S A J Shirazi of FPAC at LSE on 29 October 2015.

During the meeting many subjects were discussed: Communication and spread of information to all interested segments of society), functioning of Internet Radio, future lies in rural areas and future Model with experience from the Past as a Model for tomorrow.

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Upcycling project with AFWA in Bhara Kahu

Since the start of cooperation between AFA from Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka and AFWA from Bhara Kahu, volunteers have been bringing their experience and skills to AFWA. One of the hot idea is to create awareness about upcycling and to preserve nature.

This year Monika Kuppler, SES, after spending a week in TGD, has come to Bhara Kahu to start upcycling project with AFWA in Bhara Kahu. Farzana from WAC of AFA is also there.

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Traditional Herbs at Bhara Kahu

Use of traditional herbs for health that started at AFA in TGD has reached in Bhara Kahu. Marlies from SES (veteran volunteer of AFA) is now working on traditional medicine-project in Bhara Kahu. In addition to preparing herbal mask, Moring trees were also planted at Bhara Kahu.
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Lok Virsa Week

Lok Virsa is planning a special event on Dolls Making with AFA (NGO from Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka aka Dolls Village).

Lok Virsa has planned special events over a week from November 9 to November 15, 2015. Best thing is that you will be able to participate. Here are the details:
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Family Welfare Middle School Students in the Village

Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka (Dolls’ Village) comes alive afresh when volunteers arrive there. Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, Monika Kuppler and Marlis are in the village and so many things are happening simultaneously.

This has become a tradition that had students from different universities in Lahore (BNU, PU, UET, COMSAT, NCA, KC and PU) come to the village and show keen interest in local building constructions techniques, use of appropriate technology, village life and traditional rural culture and also interact with the villagers.
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Visit to Professional College, Depalpur

Thatta Kedona is very popular in the areas around Dolls Village. Particularly students from schools and colleges in this historic trio-logy area come to the village and spend time there appreciating AFA (NGO) work in cultural preservation, appropriate technology and income generation for village women..

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, a senior SES, AFA, German volunteer, along with Mr Amjad Ali / AFA, VoG, Mr. Farooq Ahmed / AFA, Manager TTTC Men and Mr M. Ilyas, Manager Marketing Thatta Kedona was invited by Professional College, Depalpur where they discussed matters of mutual interest and collaboration in the field of appropriate technology.

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Clean water for TGD

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch with Shakeel Aamir working on TTTC and BHU cooperation on SES expert Marlies Bartkiewicz project to offer filtered drinkable water in the village through the use of herbal material.

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Annual Repair

Meeting with M. Iqbal from Harrappa in connection with the annual repair work for AFA (WAC and TTTC building) in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka

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Internet Radio

M. Shafique helps AFA with technical aspects and use of necessary apps for AFA Internet Radio in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka

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Activities in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch is back in the village for the fall. And there is a lot on his agenda.

He will work with various foundations to manage active support for the Village Project. Amjad Ali, too is in the loop for communication and information. Focus will be on Appropriate Technology in Okara District School.

By Sunday (Oct 18, 2015) two veteran German volunteers Marlies Bartkiewicz and Monika Kuppler will also be arriving in the Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka. Marlies will work with AFA (Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama) BHU to train village women and continue her work on herbal cream.

Monika will take her Handicraft, Pottery and Painting of Pottery in WAC to the next level. Similarly, Prof Amir Rafique will visit the village with students from Lahore.

Later, Monika, Marlies and Farzana will be in Bhara Kahu with AFWA (Al Firdous Welfare Association) where Marlies will check up kids and acquaint them with use of natural medicine and Monika along with Farzana will teach them Upcycling.

Stay tuned for more.

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Churail in the Village

Ramla Akhtar

The lives of the residents of this village changed 15 years when a German art teacher took up her student Amjad's invite and visited his village: Thatta Ghulam da Dheroka.

An enterprising spirit, she asked the villagers about their craft. The women showed her hand-made rag dolls. The art teacher, Dr Senta Siller, told the villagers she could teach them to make refined hand-made dolls.
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