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Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart

Bazaars are wonderful events. They bring together volunteers, artists and so many others who are interested in cultural arts and there preservation and helop disseminate information. Lately, one bazaar was held in Ethnologic Museum Vienna and another in House of Economy, Stuttgart.
House of Economy, Stuttgart, place of the handicraft bazar 2012
Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart brought together Marlies Barkiewicz who has been involved in BHU of AFA in TGD, Sophie Kuppler who was in summer school of WAC of AFA in TGD in the high mountains in Northern Pakistan, Inge Keindl who was in WAC of AFA in TGD not only in Pakistan but also in Cameroon and Colombia projects. Monika Kuppler who has been many times in Pakistan (and in Colambia) was also there in the Bazaar. Here are some images from Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart:

Volunteer Monika Kuppler with Dr Senta SIller at Bazaar in House of Economy, Stuttgart

Volunteer Inge Keindl on stall with Dr Senta Siller

Volunteer Marlies Bartkiewicz on stall

Dr Senta Siller with Volunteer Sophie Kuppler

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