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Kids and Toys

Kids and toys (pdf) is a small booklet, which has been prepared on the basis of work with different NGOs in the country and gives information about handicrafts and appropriate technology including climate friendly housing. This happens by using simple painted figures.
The value of self made things, the usage of garbage for playful purposes up till music instruments,the possibility to construct climate friendly buildings from apparently simple materials and to use them through de-centralized technology, to making diverse vehicles run by using solar technology; these are the aims of the booklet, because children are more open to new concepts as compared to stressed out adults and career oriented students. Practical examples, for example baking a cake, go along with booklet as a rule.

Whether in Pakistan, Cameroon, Columbia, Iceland or Germany, the English language is taught at an early age and this is the reason, that the few terms are given in English.
Download Kids and Toys (pdf) here.


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