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BNU Students in TGD

The number of foreign visitors and guests to TGD in comparison to earlier times as been steadily going down due to known reasons. Through the hard work of the NGO in the village as well as its participation in the projects in Lahore, especially the sample houses at the Peerzada Cultural Complex and also at the Beaconhouse National University, a number of students from universities in Lahore made excursions to the village in order to acquaint themselves with the village life. At the end of the month, Mr. Farooq was able to once again greet another group of students under the guidance of Prof. Gwendolyn.

The Internet-Radio of the village also interviewed a few guests. The interviews can be heard here.

Planning for the spring season 2013 in TGD


The journalist and well known blogger SAJ Shirazi asked Farooq Ahmad about the early years program in the village NGO. Farooq Ahmad is hoping for further volunteers, which are very useful in many ways in addition to motivating of the village population to undetake the repair of mud houses and keep them in spanking condition.


The events organized up till now (kismet puri, One Baby-One Tree, the school event with school children from Lahore and Okara) were all a big success.

Like in the current year, one would also be very interested in the visit of Architecture students under the project Preservation of Cultural Heritage / Mud House Owners Project and giving away of prizes to the winners.


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