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Reflections on a visit to EXPO 2005

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Aaron Pinsker

Our guest is a frequent traveler. He likes to jet from one continent to another. Perhaps there is a concert at one place he would like to visit, or an exhibition or something else somewhere else. Thanks to the super fast means of transport in toady’s world, it is not a problem anymore. Where ever he arrives, he can spend the night at a hotel of an international chain with standardized service. He can afford it –because he earns quite well. He loves the international cuisine which include local dishes. The internationally qualified staff makes it difficult for a person not to feel at ease. So this is how you enjoy life. Everywhere in the world. A large entertainment park has recently been opened in X which is not shy of comparison with other entertainment parks in other parts of the world. Another internationally foodstuff chain has sucessfully started to offer highest quality meat in the capitals, resorts and other centres of tourism.

Thanks to clever research, the wine lover can today choose between Californian, Argentinean, Australian and Indian Beaujolais.

Thanks to the tremendously successful fashion wave of the last season, the designed outfits can now be supplied to large areas. The intensive reader of Harry Popper is time and again surprised, how these books are available almost everywhere. Our professionally successful traveler feels himself everywhere at home, if he can hear the latest video clips or songs of his favorite singer Y.

In the middle-european region of Oberammergau one can purchase wonderful religious paintings, which –thanks to the industrial revolution- can now be imported directly from China. In Taiwan also, you are not much behind, if it pertains to the Sydney Opera house, the roman Coliseum, the Guggenheim-Museum in New York or for that matter the Egyptian temple in Luxor, -all these articles can be purchased as Souvenirs –minimum purchase quantity being 25000 pieces.

Occasionally there are some wondrous travelers on their way, strange people, who travel to France, in order to be able to drink Cognac in Cognac.

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