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The German Society for the Promotion of Culture e. V. , short DGFK e. V., is a non-governmental organization that was registered in 1973 at the Register of Associations Berlin-Charlottenburg . The preparations for the club foundation had begun in 1972. Founding members were u. a. Andre Warner, Norbert Pintsch, [1] Wilhelm Koessl, Manoocher Firoozan ( Iran ), Billy Aparicio ( Bolivia ) and SK Lee ( Korea ).

Objective of the organization

As a basis for international activities, the cultural model was used, in which the influences of the different cultural areas were mutually recognized and used. This resulted in openness and attachment to artists, scientists, etc.

Between 1972 and 1992, about 140 projects were performed with artists, writers, composers, photographers and designers. The criteria for participation fulfilled many unknown and young at heart personalities, numerous foreigners from outside Europe.

The DGFK awarded an art prize for German speakers [2] and scholarships for foreigners.


Around 1990 a reversal began and invitations from formerly promoted workers led to activities and long-term projects in the following countries: Israel , Greece, Pakistan (from 1991), Cameroon (from 1998), Colombia (from 1999) and Iceland .

An example was the initiative of Senta Siller , from scientific research on traditional culture to develop novel projects for women in rural areas as an income-generating measure. This resulted in volunteer projects (Thatta Kedona / Pakistan, CAT / Cameroon, Tanto Mejor por la Paz / Colombia) for adapted technology, marketing, handicrafts, etc.

From the circle of those affiliated further initiatives as NGOs and activities developed, also independent ways of the following creative personalities abroad: Joachim Polzer, Dorrit Yacoby, Michael Stober, Felix Bopp, Ady Abeles, Goetz Wiedenroth, SAJ Shirazi, Trausti Valson, Edmundo Perez , Aaron Kaah Yancho, Moses Fru Wankie, HD Heckes, Kurt Delbanco, Heinz Sterzenbach, John A. Campbel, Karin Adrian, Amjad Ali, Gittebritt Komakech, Fabio Biasio, Peter Fronzeck, Spyros Kardamakis, James Kubsch, Romillio Rodriguez Fajardo, Satoru Itazu , Andreas Christ, Jose Garcia and Mas, Roy Woelfer, Andreas P. Kaehler, Corey D. Tong, Wolfram Walter, Kanjii Sekine, Claudia Becker, Nicola Tamlyn, Leila Masson and Santosh K. Brahma.


Individual members received honors and medals in recognition of their commitment: u. a. Elizabeth Carew-Reed / Australia; Norbert Pintsch / Cameroon; Senta Siller (1996), Karola Groch (2010), Renate Perner (2016) and Monika Kuppler (2017) were awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.

The work of the DGFK was presented in various solo exhibitions, lectures and guest lectures and was able to increase its network.

The DGFK initiated various projects, including a .: IPC / Institute for Planning and Consulting, IFA / International Festival for Animation, AVI / Academy for Visualization and Interaction, LIFE / Lahore Festival of EduTainment, Cultura eV on the estate Borsig in Nauen and provided for international participation, eg. At the EXPO 2000 in Hannover and at the EXPO 2005 in Aichi / Japan.

Web links

German Society for the Advancement of Culture eV: and - edited by the Friends in Lahore

"Thatta Kedora - The Game Stuff Village in Pakistan"

"Cultura eV" on the estate Borsig - and

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