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Visit of Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

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By Omar M. Ali

Spring visit of Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, in Pakistan for the purpose of keeping in touch with people (Prof Dr Noor, S A J Shirazi, Prof Aamir Rafique, Arch Ghayyoor Obaid, Calligraphy and artist Anees Yaqub, Prof Dr Amir H. Malik, Prof Dr Rubeena, a.o.) and Institutions (PU, LSE, AFA, FPAC a.o.) always beings the plathora of activities in the Dolls Village and also in Lahore. Here are glimpses of some  of the activities:

Visit to the AFA project in TGD

Students of the Punjab University visited the village under the supervision of Prof Aamir Rafique.

Annual Award Ceremony of the FPAC for Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Presentation of a volunteer of the AFA (NGO) in cooperation with the DGFK, i.e. Peter Hecht (artist, sculptor and musician), in the context of the project. Artist-in-Residence is volunteer.

Preparations for establishment of IJ Institute of Journalism in Lahore 20. March 2019

Guest of Honor at the 1st NCPH National Conference in Public Health at Punjab Universityin Lahore, 8. March 2019

Artist-in-Residence Project P. Hecht is the DGFK / cultura price winner 2019/2020. It is planned, that he will act as a multi-talent in the projects in Pakistan, Cameroon and Colombia.

The respective local residents will also participate, such as the children, with whom he will work together and also with artisans and visitors, who will be informed about the project work.

Particularly interesting is his connection to rural areas; trained originally as a milker, he will also have a special contact with the local population and thus show the connection between practice and theory, because; without practice there is no theory and therefore no meaningful study!

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