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The pandemic is making itself felt everywhere and is also having an impact on NGOs.

The NGO was very pleased to be able to welcome journalists of the BBC in the village recently, a nice report by the journalists pleased the NGO and all our interested friends. Even a small exhibition of Heiku paintings by Dr. Senta Siller was made possible although the opening had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Visitors and guests can still not come. The hot season of the year will be beginning soon, so that the desire for keeping cool will be of paramount importance.

Between March and September, doctors and staff from OPWA (Okara Patients Welfare Association) are expected to come to the village and examine the residents for hepatitis. The tests as well as the medication will be totally free.

Later on, OPWA will also organize further camps in future in which eyes and teeth of the villagers will be examined. The village dispensary needs urgent repairs and possibly it can be repaired and refurbished in the summer.

The sale of village products in traditional bazaars is also currently not possible due to the pandemic, so that they are being sold only in small numbers over the Internet.

From our partners in Germany we are aware about the extensive work of sorting, editing and archiving, which is being done, so that the archive there continues to grow.

There is great hope that we will be able to inaugurate the exhibition next autumn, maybe also lay the foundation stone with the SHE - for which a piece of land for this purpose has already been organized by the President and General Secretary of the NGO and for which further support of the Friends of the SSDC is sincerely hoped for.

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