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The 17 year old volunteer Zephanja Arzt from Berlin district was involved in the NGO project of the AFA in TGD for four months. He developed in this period together with the young men in the Mens Centre a model locomotive for a german NGO as well as a glider for the local market.

Last Autumn, he and Head of the TTTC, Mr. Farooq Ahmad, as well as PDP were invited to a workshop about Appropriate Technology by COMSATS in Abbottabad. Because the Mens Centre produces not only handicrafts, which are supplied to the Womens Centre, but it also develops solutions for the use of sun, wind and water in the rural area. A solar cooker and Icefix were introduced in autumn. In the meanwhile, a prototype of a windmill (see illustration) which uses the local wind energy to charge a battery, which is then used to operate an energy saver bulb as well as a radio. There also exists since 1996 a photo-voltaic unit on the roof of the womens centre, which at that time was the largest solar-energy unit in the private sector and even found its way into the school books on the topic of solar energy.

The TTTC also cooperates with an NGO in Cameroun, which follows similar objectives and a columbian initiative. In Cameroun, experiences have already been made with dry toilets, which use excrements for the production of biogas for lighting and cooking purpose as well as the dry remains as fertilizers. The Sulabh-Academy in India is well known in this regard and contacts exist with it since 2006.

The worldwide problems of infrastructure are specially fatal in the urban areas. A solution is still not in sight. The knowledge about the affects of foodstuffs on the human body are still in their infancy; there is still a long way to go, even if the notes on foodstuff packaging suggest the way in the right direction.

The solutions discussed in TTTC are not directed backwards, rather they represent an arc to the High-Tech-Solutions. But these initiatives are hardly available in the urban regions and they are even blocked for various reasons. Conceptual discussion in this regard has also been published in TechnoBiz.

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