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Hydro Agricultural Project

Medical examinations in the past have shown, for example, that all children under 6 years had digestion problems caused by unhygienic water. The subsequent survey regarding quality of drinking water in households confirmed the medical suspicions. The promotion of clean drinking water is therefore of primary importance. Here is a brief about some of the projects undertaken in the village:

Supply of water
The water project was started with the help of a donation from a Pakistani business group. A presentation during a rotary district conference led to the financial support for the drinking water project, which now needs to be extended for practical purposes.

Deep drilling with pump
Preparatory work for transport of kitchen and grey water into the canals was financed in part with the help of the Japanese government. With this example, other bazaars were also connected. However, approximately 200 m canal is still missing on different portions. The drainage water however, cannot be led into the fields but only onto a buffalo pond. A large quantity of water is collected as overflow water of the project, which is led into the buffalo pond through an approximately 150 m long canal. The buffalo pond is thereby filled to some extent and additionally the accumulated water is led into the regional canal with the help of pumps.

Canals through bazaars (200 meters)
Drinking water, fish farm and garden culture

The promotion of the drinking water takes place in the tubewell. The village population receives its drinking water through the tubewell attendant. Further clean water is led into a cleaning reservoir, where fruit and vegetables can be cleaned, dried if required and also packed for sale.
This water is led into the fish farm pond through the overflow canal and through a further canal into an irrigation water reservoir for irrigating medicinal and kitchen plants and from their onto the drainage canal for buffalo pond.

Cleaning reservoir


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