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Greatest European thinkers and a large number of scientists and authors have expressed the opinion, and it has been generally deemed to be correct, that Work-Capital-Land are the three determining factors of our system, and that it is considered to be a European-north American system. It cannot be another system for the simple reason that there is no other system and this is believed also by those people, who really have nothing to do with the system because they are culturally differently organized.

Unluckily, due to centuries old political practices, other cultures can hardly or not at all identify or adopt even comparable concepts. One may see this as an example of their inferiority, but also as an example of erroneous basis research, indeed long overdue and still missing proper direction of the basis research.

For this reason such a discussion is not possible at this stage. So let us confine ourselves to discussing the ABK-model, which is well known in economic circles and also generally cited in politics, even if very basic matters remain unresolved, e.g. the strength or power of a political something, which can actually hardly be considered isolated from the economics (A-B-K). The same is valid for the knowledge, which is not of economic nature at all and has to be derived from social backgrounds. It is not static in nature!!

One could give long philosophical explanations about for example the contents of the term Land, namely the climatic geographical resources of an area.

In the European way of thinking, one is more inclined to splitting up problems and also their summing up, which is very helpful for understanding them and to process them, however appropriate recourse should always be possible to the starting point. This refers to the awareness and consciousness, the actual reason for which one has split or summed up in the first place. If one ignores this fact and is pleased about only the new knowledge gained, one is being led into making a grandiose error.

In short, in order to correct the direction and gain control of general problems, it is very important to recognize the basic flaw of the ABK-System, namely that factors Information and the Power are missing! It therefore appears more appropriate to name our system KABIP (in German = Kapital-Arbeit-Boden-Information-Power) or Capital-Work-Land-Information-Power, which determine the happening. Economics-Society-Resources (=natural factors) -Knowledge (Education)-Politics (worldly as well as religious), they determine the strength of a culture, which is not identical with the ability to cope with the future.

Two examples should make these considerations more clear:
In the following considerations, we will try to explain these assertions however without going into detailed proofs.

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