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With Thatta Kedona

A lot is happening at the Thatta Ghulamka Dgeroka – the dolls village - this season. Dr. Norbert Pintsch is in the Village and busy in creating awareness about the eco friendly and rural based low cost project among youth. Students from LUMS have already visited the Village and spent a useful day there rediscovering the rural culture and mixing up with village folks there learning about rural culture and life style there. Students from other universities are also planning to visit the village and spend time there. At the same time, Ammir Rafiuq was there  for distribution of books among students of the two government schools in the village. Shakeel is busy in finalizing kite project while Mud Hut another location in Lahore is coming up. Thatta TV Radio is recording interviews  with guests that will be on air later this season.


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