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Dr. Senta Siller at Gross Behnitz

Dr. Senta Siller – mother of dolls and moving spirit soul of Thatta Kedona – did not come to Pakistan this year. Friends Thatta kedona and readers here were wondering where is Dr. Senta Siller?

As usual, Dr. Senta Siller has a lot on her hands. She has been winding up Pakistan House Potsdam that was founded by her in 2001. Pakistan House is closing down and Gross Behnitz, another international project is starting.

Along with winding up of Pakistan House, Dr. Senta Siller has been training a group of women in handicrafts and making clothing for Gross Behnitz project. Dr. Senta Siller will start the next training course from Gross Behnitz. During this period, she with other volunteers has also managed 30 bazaar days in ethnological museums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stay tuned, more will come on Pakistan House and Gross Behnitz project?


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