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Internet Radio

Internet radio is essentially the same as regularly broadcast radio, with a few distinguishing characteristics. Whereas there is a minimal lag time with regular radio because it broadcasts through the air, Internet radio has a lag time of 2.5 to 10 seconds or so, depending on the server. Internet radio is streamed, and so does not involve downloading. You simply log on to the particular site and in it comes.

Receiving the stream is much like listening to your MP3 player, as the format is the same. Several formats are on offer, but the MP3 and ACC formats are currently the most frequently used. As the medium continues to find its footing, there will likely be modifications, which are difficult to predict today.

Coming to village Thatta Ghulamka Ghulamka Dheroka known as dolls village, Internet Radio will empower the rural community in the rustic village and also offer them information on the subjects of their interests. Stay tuned, the regular broadcost is scheduled to start here soon.

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