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Development in AFA

Pottery is one of the most sought after skill at Thatta Kedona. Pottery development with Monika Kuppler has a long history. This time TTTC (Men Centre) and WAC (Women Centre) are discussing to take pottery work to the next level. The new idea is to establish a second traditional kiln on the pump house plot, meanwhile for the electric kiln a generator has already been arranged. With the new kiln, Thatta Kedona Pottery Project has become independent from (uncertain) WAPDA energy supply that comes from main grid.
Perhaps next year another type of oven will be given a chance that all together will be a new experience for coming guests, specially for students coming from various universities in Lahore (for guidance and practice).
The same will be useful for the students of architecture. 
In both the cases a new building is necessary, where SPARC, Lahore is also involved.

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