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Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama active with craftspeople from village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka in Lahore

The dolls and handicrafts project “Thatta Kedona” from the village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka in Okara district recently exhibited their products at a three-day handicrafts exhibition at Old Tollinton Market in Lahore. This exclusive exhibition was organised from 21st of October till 23rd of October 2016 by a non-profit company AHAN (Aik Hunar Aik Nagar), which was established back in 2007 to support rural based micro and small handicrafts enterprises.

Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama craftspeople successfully displayed colourful hand-made toys, camels, bracelets, keyrings, bookmarks and above all famous and beautiful ethnic dolls. A large number of visitors were attracted to the “Thatta Kedona” stall. Farzana Zahoor and Farooq Ahmad, who were representing the Dolls Village at the “Thatta Kedona” stall, told that they were able to sell a large number of items at the exhibition and that their participation at this exhibition was also commercially a big success.

A number of enterprises, who came from different cities of Pakistan, participated in this event and put variety of handicrafts, ranging from bone and stone products to different types of decoration pieces, woodwork, metalwork and block printing on display. The artisans at different stalls gave live demonstration of their skills.

Visitors were of the view that more such events should be held to show the richness and beauty of the Pakistani culture.

Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama intends to participate in the upcoming fairs and exhibitions to promote its ethnic dolls collection and its variety of handicrafts. Next participation will be at Daachi Arts and Crafts Ehibition. This three day mega event will be held from 12th of November to 14th of November 2016 at the Lahore Grande (near Gymkhana), Zafar Ali Road, Lahore.

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