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A study tour - BNU students in Thatta Ghulamka

A large group of students from BNU (Beaconhouse National University) visited the village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka in district Okara on 24 October 2017. This study tour was headed by the Associate Professor Aarish Ali Sardar, who is currently teaching in the Dept. of Visual Communication Design at School of Visual Art & Design of Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan.

These students wanted to closely study the handicrafts project “Thatta Kedona”, which was initiated back in 1993 by the German designer Dr. Senta Siller and her husband Dr. Norbert Pintsch.

The students, who were warmly welcomed by the villagers, visited the SSAC (Senta Siller Art Center), where some village girls were making different kinds of dolls and other handicrafts. The students were very much impressed by the level of skill demonstrated by these girls and used this opportunity to buy different handicrafts.

The students also met the boys, who were making tin toys at the TTTC (Technical Training and Transfer Center). Inside the building the visiting group was entertained with tea and biscuits.

The students took keen interest in the pottery wheel, which is a new addition in the SSAC. A potter from the village demonstrated his skills by making some clay bowls. Some students tried themselves to make pots on the wheel and were very happy to have this rare creative opportunity.

After visiting the SSAC and TTTC the students were taken on a tour of the village, which not only included the Government Boys and Girls Primary School but also the Village Dispensary (BHU), which works under the supervision of the local NGO Anjuman-e-Falah-Aama (AFA).

The students were astonished to see the beauty of the mud houses. They not only captured the images of different mud structures but also interviewed some village girls and women about their lives and their experiences with the handicrafts project.

The students, who spent the whole day in the village before returning to Lahore, were hosted and guided by the TTTC Incharge Farooq Ahmad and SSAC Incharge Farzana Zahoor.

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