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Culture is a Basic Need

No Theory Without Practice

Academic activity ruins the practice
Presentation by Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch at the FBTC on July 7, 2017

Preliminary remarks

Due to space restraint, only core statements are being made here. The critic and the constructive thinker both recognize the explosiveness of the statements, but also the almost hopeless situation, because if mistakes are not understood and every effort for reform is rejected with justifications, future of all companies and organizations is destined to be futile. Recognition of the knowledge in later years will lead to gray hair and hair loss!

We can easily explain situations of the past and present on the "cultural model" and scientifically justify, even if we can never really predict.

Essential facts remain unrecognized even in this digital and global, but not the real world, which supposedly offers detailed viewpoints.

Researching here is understandable, even though it leads unknowingly to a tragic reproduction of errors instead of to a lasting solution.

Because, theory presupposes experience, one must have literally "understood" in order to be able to understand; Development of a meaningful theory is not possible without practical experience and the knowledge gained therefrom!

If the situations of everyday life are looked upon, then the impulse towards increased academic activity is not a surprise, but the quantity of error production by way of short-sighted thinking and short-term action, this necessitated through the compulsion towards cheaper production and use of technology, can be easily explained.

The result are the abusive and excusable errors of management.

The inclination and compulsion and the imagination concerning a particular type of education ruin even smallest of projects, because the participants are torn between traditional family and cultural compulsions and the conventional educational ideologies.

This, too, is understandable, though tragic, because life in the present is consumption-oriented and thus prevents operative and strategic actions, even though it is always spoken of.


Efforts are made to resolve issues through the "pseudo" academic activity; an analysis is made and new employment (income-generating measures) created, that lead to new theories, but lose recognition of basic issues, which is catastrophic. For the growth-conscious and consumption pundits is valid: From word to actions a great distance. Saying is one thing and doing is another. It is more easily said than done!

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