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Visit by Students Group in the TGD village near Okara

Once again the opportunity arose that Prof. Aamir Rafique (Punjab University) and Prof. Norbert Pintsch arranged for a visit by Pakistani students from Punjab University on 6th March 2020 to the flagship project in TGD, which was started by Dr. Senta Siller. Unfortunately the visit could not take place because the weather worsened and the trip had to be called off due to heavy rain. The trip will now take place soon on another suitable date. It is also planned to show the students the newest efforts in the project by the volunteer Monika and also to visit the Deputy Commissioner of Okara and to inform him about the new developments in the village project.

The personal presence of Mr. Amjad Ali, president of the project, in the village has also been very beneficial for the AFA (NGO) in promoting their various activities.

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