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Monika and Sophie

On June 21, 2008, the adventure of this year’s summer school started for three women from TGD, Shama Bibi, Sarvat Bibi, and Meraj Bibi and their teachers Monika (arts and handicrafts) and Sophie Kuppler (English). Unfortunately, in the last moment three of the originally six participants had to stay at home due to family problems. After 25 hours of sitting in the car they arrived at the guesthouse in Altit, Hunza where they stayed for 18 nights. The days were filled with learning English, enhancing handicraft skills, especially in pottery and doll making, cooking, and playing games.

For learning English the women were separated into two groups. One of them already knew some English and a school book was used to enhance her reading, speaking and writing skills. The other two women did never visit a school and thus never learned to read or write. In their lessons most weight was put on being able to communicate with the volunteers coming to teach handicrafts.


Thus, under a lot of laughter the learned things were repeated and deepened while working.Of course, the 2.5 weeks did not only serve to study, but also to get to know the country and how differently people live in the country’s north and south. The happier the participants were to find very friendly and welcoming village people, some of whom quickly became friends with the women from TGD. Knowledge about handicrafts was exchanged and cooking skills tested.

Also different living styles and styles of houses were discussed with the two local friends, Sultana and Bushra.The most exciting day for sure was the day of the excursion to the Passu glacier. Never before had the women touched or seen ice in their lives, now they could even walk on it!After an exciting and instructive 2.5 weeks everybody was happy to return to their families, sad to leave the newly made friends and full of wonderful memories. The participants of the summer school would like to thank Lions Club Heilbronn, Mrs Gabi Fröhlich, Explore Pakistan, Mr Shafqat Ali, and Mr Amir Jan, who all together made this stay possible and enjoyable.


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