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Sadly, although our blog has existed since January 2004, and in the years before that there were always newspaper reports and interviews by our volunteers in the local press, but we have not heard anything from Werner Schroeder, who was with us in the project around the year 2000 and helped develop doll shoes with the project initiator Dr Senta Siller - we have not heard from him since a long time!

Therefore, we were very pleased to receive information from our partners in the DGFK about a book publication by him:

From Lahore to Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka in the fertile five-river province of Pakistan, and then from Lahore via Rawalpindi and Islamabad into the to the Himalayas.

The text is written in German, but we found ourselves the rich illustrations and hope to translate the work into English with the help of our friends in Pakistan.

Indeed we are very pleased that our former foreign volunteers found inspiration and hospitality at the project and that they have made valuable contributions through essays, novels, films and research projects, the project has even inspired artists.

Our village, with around 1000 inhabitants, has acted as an ambassador for Pakistan not only locally, regionally and nationally, but also internationally in exhibitions and museums through the Doll Project initiated by Dr. Senta Siller.

We are truly grateful to all our friends and helpers, above all Dr Senta Siller, and also hope for a good future for the Senta Siller Design Center (SSDC).

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