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The project that was started by Dr. Senta Siller and Dr. Norbert Pintsch in a village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka situated on the bank of River Ravi some two decades ago has come of age. A lot has changed over last twenty years.

The Project is a story of production in the village, cooperation with craftsmen, permanent contacts with clients in Karachi (Sheraton), Lahore (PC), Islamabad (Nomad Gallery) and many others in and out of Pakistan, active participations in different melas, bazaars and cultural events and much more.

Everyone in the village is associated with handicrafts production process one way or the other. Women makes dolls, pottery and decorative soviniours where as men make tin toys. Craftsmanship of the artisans has made Thatta Kedona a renowned brand in dolls, toys, handicrafts and soviniour markets around the world. Equally important is the procurement of the material, design research and marketing.

Meaningful contacts with clients (like Sheraton Karachi, PC Lahore (PC), Nomad gallery Islamabad and active participations on different melas, bazaars and cultural events not only help market Thatta Kedona products but also display beautiful traditional culture that can only be seen in villages now. The awards that Thatta Kedona artisans get are one the one hand a testimony of the craftsmanship and on the other hand it shows their great contribution in preservation of our cultural heritage which is fading fast as the world is getting more and more urban with every passing day.

The Project has made a lot of changes in the village over the years. Woman Art Center, TTTC for men, Basic Health Unit, One Baby One Tree tradition, Mud House Owners project and Education Program of AFA (village NGO) are doing a lot of collective good for the quaint little village that stands out as a model village anywhere in Pakistan.

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch – an untiring senior volunteer fondly called Chaudhry Norbert - is the soul of the Project. It is amazing in the way Dr. Norbert Pintsch organizes the whole affair and also looks after the army of foreign volunteers and local visitors that come to the village TGD.

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