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On the way in the Five Rivers Land

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by Ulrike Vestring

Some time ago we came to know about a blog publication of a former volunteer from our village project, Mr. Werner Schroeder see here:

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that we have received the news of another publication *, u.z. by Ulrike Vestring, who lived in Pakistan for six years as the wife of the ambassador at the time, until 1994, where she also visited Senta Siller at the village project and stayed overnight. At that time it was not a problem for ambassadors to go to the country unprotected to really get to know the country and its people

U. Vestring also published in Women in Pakistan (1996), as well as in Dolls, Toys and More (2012).

Among others you will find a lovely story on p.149-156: Rani from Thatta Ghulamka

5x5 Stories About Life in Pakistan

164 pages


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