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The TGD Village Museum

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The original idea was to establishment an independent village museum. Initial home work had also been done. Sadly, it could not be put on ground due to financial difficulties. But the idea lives on.

TGD village NGO (AFA) is now utilizing the Boys School that was established by the AFA using funds raided from film shows about the village Project for village museum where traditional handicraft techniques (weaving, pottery making, foodstuff preparation and cooking, remain on the farm houses there by automatically leading to maintenance and repair of traditional devices used in handicraft making) will be displayed and preserved.

Also a room in the museum is used by young people for playing traditional music in the evening. During the day, visitors can see the work of the NGO in the area of Appropriate Technology and handicraft through posters. The teachers of the school can also take advantage of the contents of the posters, which can be used by them for teaching purpose. A first glass vitrine could be purchased in order to protect old objects. The use of a photo-voltaic system in the museum makes it possible to visit the museum even during power outages. The small museum located at the entrance to the village also makes it possible to inform visitors about the village project without disturbing work in the Women Art Center TTTC for men.


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