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Culture is a Basic Need

And Again on NGOs

Omar M. Ali, Njini King Caro, Ricardo Koslez and Norbert Pintsch
Money is not there for its own sake, but for the sake of the society.
Time is NOT money.
Time is for the benefit of the society.
LIFE is not there to suppress other members of the society, but to serve them.
Development does not mean Consumption, Job-Searching and Leisure Activity any more, rather the quest for the highest form of luxury: the voluntary surrender and drawing of individual boundaries for the good of the society.
Again and again we come across good reasons for pointing out the differences between the NON-Government Organizations and the Government organizations and companies!

NGOs work without a fixed budget and financial planning. This means their existence is not secured fund the highest level of attention is required to navigate the small boat in stormy waters of everyday situations.

The members are not employees with a fixed description of their duties, rather they are to be accepted as they are, which requires a lot of patience on the part of the management. The members of an NGO should not be dependent upon their earning from the NGO, which should only make up the additional income. They should be working to earn their bread, but should watch out that they do not become dependent upon the NGO. This strange concept, strange because about 100% of NGOs are not such in nature and follow approximately the direction shown by F Bergmann, the philosopher and consultant of the US American automobile industry, in his publication The New Work.
These are the three pillars of his system, which corresponds to the new economic orientation in the 21st century.

The reality even in these so-called NGO’s characterized by:
In fact killing the NGO by exploiting it to the last drop, still emphasizes the following qualities:
Also a certain level of selflessness, which is still found in the roots of the traditional cultures, is necessary, but seldom available.

In present times, we are quite used to hearing terms like teamwork and performance, in a certain way qualities of the previous cultures, which have been lost under western influence.

Welfare organizations and individuals, who submit to the means of modern economics (tax reduction, donation receipts, money investments) are nothing more than the extended arm of a Faust; the master of the Faust would like to do good, but risk and lose nothing.

The pardon writings of the middle-age Christians were supposed to help the owner to enter paradise, at least leave a good conscience.


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