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Search Dr. Norbert Pintsch and it will show over 3,150 results. They are all pointing to different activities, some time unrelated to each other. One wonders what Dr. Norbert Pintsch is upto. We took a chance to ask him about some aspects of his work and life. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Question: Hello Dr. Norbert Pintsch, you have a very strong presence on the Internet. You are very visible on the Web through your activities in different fields - films, articles, construction projects, interviews, illustrations, exhibitions, sounds, lectures and much more. Internet scouting and some research about you shows a lot on you and your work. As the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen once wrote regarding a request for an interview, don’t have time, am very busy and can also not give a lecture. May we ask you a few questions?


Dr. Norbert: I am not Henrik Ibsen. So you may begin! For your information, nothing is possible alone; I have had good luck of being able to work together with some very good people.

Question: What remuneration do you receive for your honorary work?

Dr. Norbert: Of course nothing!

Question: Does it mean, you don’t need any money?

Dr. Norbert: Here we are talking about self-help projects, which mean that all attention, help and resources are directed towards the organizers and the participants. Therefore money is needed!

Question: Don’t you also want to make your own life comfortable through such projects?

Dr. Norbert: Well, I bear my own cost of living and as far as food and other basic needs are concerned, I have now come over these. I have passed the stage. There were times when consumption (cars, cloths, and all that) played an important part in my life. No more.

Question: An now?

Dr. Norbert: Now, material goods are no more interesting. I am quite satisfied with simple food. In Pakistan these include ready cooked soups, in Cameroun peanuts and pepper soup, in Columbia brew with rice, in Iceland dry fish with coffee, in Israel I am happy with a simple Fallafel, in Criti. I am happy to receive sheep cheese, bread and olive oil…

Question: Do you make up the loss back in Germany?

Dr. Norbert: I don’t know why, but the fact is that in Germany I like to eat porridge oats with milk and sugar; you have to believe me. When one has lived through a lot, you learn to value time, avoid luxuries, which pose health risk and also work consistently towards the goal.

Question: Does this also apply to your attair? People say you would be hard to recognize if you would wear colors?

Dr. Norbert: Well you know it is an effort to think about suitable clothing every day. Even before my food habits developed in a particular direction as I described earlier, I loved the black color. Wearing black also has family reasons: in a large family things become easier when they are organized, as for example the black color, which I wear now, other family members reserved their own favourite colours for themselves. Moreover, black is simply practical, it is also a color of profession, for example lawyers, architects, graphic designers, priests, rabbis. Black is also suitable for funerals, christening, weddings. You will agree, it saves a lot of time and makes life simpler!

Question: You mean you will wear black even in the Amazons, or in the Sahara or in the mountains?

Dr. Norbert: This is what you mean, and you may be wrong!

Question: Is all this due to a weak zest for life!

Dr. Norbert: Well you are again missing the point! I try only to save valuable time...

Question: Is everything is so important?

Dr. Norbert: Not, everything is not important but I like to involve myself with things in which I am interested. Would I be interested in Golf, I would play golf. So I basically lead a life of an asset less millionaire.

Question: Please explain more, what do you mean?

Dr. Norbert: I enjoy my 25 hours a day and 400 days in the year! I simply don’t have time for superficial things, I mean, I have the time, but I don’t waste it! There is a logical relationship between my clothing, my food and the work. And you don’t need to agree with me!

Question: Does your work have any logical coherence? It looks rather multi directional on the internet?

Dr. Norbert: Seen from outside it may give that impression, but internally it follows a specific logic - practice and theory, exemplary work in the practice (in project supervision) and in the theory an attempt to bridge the gap between holistic and closed systems through a cultural model. Perhaps this explanation is helpful!

Question: Do you still have your flying licence?

Dr. Norbert: Yes, and it can sometimes be helpful in projects.

Question: Can one bear with you privately?

Dr. Norbert: This you must ask my wife, she is much better than me!

Thank you very much for your time!


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