Thatta Kedona

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Thatta Kedona Education Program

Pakistani NGO Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama with the help of foreign volunteers is engaged actively since over 20 years in implementing the project initiated by its founder, Dr. Senta Siller, who still supports the NGO through other projects with still more volunteers.

The NGO maintains a Women Art Centre, a Technology Transfer and Training center for men, a Basic Health Unit and more. Main parts of the project include making of handicraft dolls in regional dresses, which is carried out in the Women Art Centre and the making of tin toys in TTTC.

Since beginning of the project, volunteers are also working in the village education program in order to balance the differences between the institutions of the NGO and the existing village schools. Education program has two parts: the support at site and if possible yearly summer course in the mountains, which was last carried out by Jane Carew-Reed, Marleen Hamid, Alexandra Scherer, Sophie und Monika Kuppler.

In the past Nadine Jaeger, Isabelle Merkel, Marleen Hamid, Renate Perner and Lutz Fluegge have worked in the village school and this year Stephanie Walter is present in the village.

Like previous years, this year also children from different schools in Lahore and Okara will be visiting the village school and for exchanging views and experiences with the students in the two village schools.

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