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My first impression of Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka

Stephanie Walter

The plain of Punjab seems endless and from a distance village TGD looks like a little toy village made of clay bricks. As I enter the village I feel the pulse of life there; vibrant and lively. There is no hurry there. People live in peace and are happy at a slow pace. I could also see solar energy panels mounted on the building of Woman Art Center.

I am here in TGD to be with kids in the schools. On my way to school on the first day I am latterly surrounded (and escorted) by girls. As I enter the school for the first time, set of big, brown eyes look at me with curiosity and joy. I find the little school girls happy to find me among them. Their joy says welcome to me.

And so I am glad to teach English lessons and a bit of basic math to girls. I had brought magnetic letters and number from Germany and they are not only amazing for young girls but also a great help in teaching. The girls really love them.

As the school blackboards are not magnetic so we converted doors in to into blackboards. While I teach, I wonder how much potential these students have. They are so keen on learning. It is a sheer pleasure to be with such students. And the pleasure of being with little girls makes me forget my urban life.

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