Thatta Kedona

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Dolls of the World

A project that Dr Senta Siller started in a small village Thata Ghulamka Dheroka on the bank of River Ravi (then unknown to the world) in early 90s has brought so many visible changes.

Over last two and a half decades the village has come to be known as Dolls Village, the artisan of the village who produce handmade dolls and toys are now trainers passing the skills to next generation, the dolls are collectors’ delight and are seen all over the world in museums as well as in homes of people who love local cultures, diplomats and other foreigners and many more. Visitors of famous Lok Virsa National Museum, Islamabad find Thatta Kedona dolls there and appreciate the authenticity of the dolls. What is more, the project has given birth to similar project in Cameroon, Colombia, Iceland and Germany.

Combined with research and designs by Dr Senta Siller and skills she taught to the village women is now a source of income generation for to the woman who perpetuate the traditional culture.

The mother project in Pakistani village has daughters (similar projects in other countries) as well as projects like Appropriate Technology, Communication, Housing and Information.

Best part is the project is that Dr Senta Siller is now laying the foundation of yet another coopration with another village NGO in the vicinity of Islamabad (stay tuned for more on this).

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