Thatta Kedona

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University Students in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka

Thatta Kedona, in addition to producing dolls, toys and other cultural handicrafts has been a center of leaning since its inception over a decade ago. Students from different universities have been visiting Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka for research, orientation and or for sightseeing.

This time a group of 55 students from Lahore College for Women University (-Dept for modern languages, -Dept for Home-Economic and Dept for Ceramic) visited the Dolls Village on Mar 28, 2010.

Group arrived in university buses. In the villages they explored cultural complex, Women Art Center where they were briefed about activities of AFA and TTTC (including pottery workshop and Appropriate Technology) by Farooq Ahmed and Ms Farzana. They also visited localy designed Mud House. 

In addition to the village walk, students were taken around on Tonga 

Stay tuned, students from Beacons House University are also visiting the Dolls Village in the first week of April.

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