Thatta Kedona

Culture is a Basic Need

Pakistani Handicrafts

Pakistan Handicrafts are very famous all over the world. They are collectors delight for those who value unique, handmade and cultural items. Thatta Kedona has played important role in providing handicrafts in the world market. Success of the project has also attracted researchers on the subject.

Recently, Gwendolyne Kulick, an assistant professor for Designing in BNU, Lahore, since more than 10 years, is writing her PhD thesis about ‘Handicraft projects in Pakistan, their results and future.’ She has visited the TGD village project in several times with her students.

Gwendolyne Kulick with her German Professor Doktor Brigitte Wolf has also had a workshop with 16 students from universities in Lahore. Within the frame work of her research work she has had a meeting with Mrs Farzana from WAC in TGD and Dr Senta Siller from SES, as a consultant for the recent cooperation between AFA and AFWA.

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