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Annual Distribution of Books in Village Schools 2016

Over quarter century ago, Senior German Volunteer Dr. Senta Siller had conceived and implemented the idea of giving books to the students of two government schools in Thatta Kedona Ghulamka Dheroka – the Dolls and Toy Village to promote education in rural community. At the start of academic session, AFA - the local NGO - distributes books (and stationary items) among the students of Government Girls Primary School as well as in Government Boys Primary School in the Village.

This tradition has become a milestone in the lives of students of both the schools and (as well as their parents). On the one hand, the students compete and wait for the Distribution of book and on the other, it takes away some of the financial burden from parents shoulders.

This year, Principal Mr Ashraf and Vice-Principal Mrs Sonia from The Valley of Knowledge School, Lahore along with 7 pupils, Ahmad Jalal from Kids Campus, Principal Mrs Rukhsana with 6 pupils from Okara and Head Master and teachers from boys and girls school in TGD and young students attended the event.

Have a look at these images and it will give you the feeler of the atmosphere and show the shine on the faces of students.

"AFA (NGO) takes keen interest in the education of the children in the Village," said Dr Norbert Pintsch, a senior German volunteer.     

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