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Culture is a Basic Need

What is success?

Discussion between employees of a top Pakistani university and Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

The implementation of an idea, which is oriented to the specifics of an environment, into reality; that is a success! In the classical sense, success is not necessarily permanent, it is however important, despite various difficulties, to have an idea implemented and made visible.

The general environment can, but does not necessarily have to, continue the idea, because different forms of limitations can stand in the way, like:

-traditional attitudes,
-family considerations in large associations,
-consumptive and opportunistic behavior.

It follows, but does not necessarily have to, that only the most capable and strongest members, of a community are able to continue an idea and create a replacement to the mainstream.

In the field of education, those who follow the mainstream and participate accordingly are considered successful. A pedagogical, business-oriented success is therefore acknowledged only to those, who adhere to the mainstream. Hardly controllable but more interesting are the affects of this development, which become visible only after years.


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