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Spring and Volunteers come to Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka Together

Mustard fields are blooming in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka when Monika Kuppler – a veteran volunteer coming to TGD for the seventh time - and Stephanie Walter (ethnologist) have arrived in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka; the Dolls' Village (on Mar 2, 2012).  Monika Kuppler will work for pottery and product development in the Women Art Centre of AFA (NGO) in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka. Given the critical shortage of electric power in rural areas, local kiln is already being installed (image below) for pottery. Stephanie Walter will remain busy in local school working with students giving them English and art lessons (Stephanie is an artists and art teacher also). 

Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintech is also here for spring and like always he has so many good plans to take the project to the next level. Located in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka and Lahore, Dr. Norbert Pintsch will focus on appropriate technology, mud housing and  installation and operations of the internet radio. The book titled Dolls, Toys and More by S A J Shirazi will also appear this spring.

Stay tuned, more will come on volunteers' work in the Dolls Village during spring season. 

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At March 17, 2012 at 5:37 PM, Anonymous Nadir Khan said...

Welcome to Pakistan Stephanie.

At March 18, 2012 at 1:30 AM, Blogger Nayyar Julian said...

Warm Welcome Monika Kuppler and Stephanie Walter in Thatta Ghulaka Dheroka; the Dolls' Village.I am very happy when i see people like u who always do this volunters work for good cause in the baziest life u give ur time for this good thing for good cause.My best wishes and prayers always for ur all team ........Uncle Syed Asghar Shirazi best of luck for ur book titled Dolls, Toys and More by S A J Shirazi will also appear this spring. GOD BLESS U ALL


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