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Distribution of books in TGD - 2012

Since the start of the project, NGG AFA distribute gives free books to the students of two government schools in Thatta Kedona Ghulamka Dheroka - the Dolls and Toy Village to promote education in rural community. Issue of books and educational material is part of long running education program of the village NGO. Dr. Norbert Pintsch, the Senior Research Fellow of the FPAC organizes the books distribution ceremony every year.

This year FPAC and DGFK distribute the books and school material for the new students in the village schools. Aamir Rafique , the General Secretary of the foundation in collaboration with the DGFK gave away the school education material.

In boys school books were given by Ilyas of AFA and Johannes (Computer Scientist from Free University Berlin – a DGFK guest in the village. Whereas in girls school, the books were distributed by Farooq Ahmed from AFA and Franziska - Biologist from Humboldt University Berlin – a DGFK-guest.

Both the guests from Germany (Johannes, Franziska) said, "It was very interesting to get the opportunity to see village TGD and the traditional life of the Punjab people. The children seemed to be very excited about our small happening on Education-Project. We hope that the whole project can move on a long time, and maybe we will see Thatta Ghulamaka Dhiroka one day again."

This was held on April 4, 2011.

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