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Appropriate Technology With Dr. Tobias Leonhard

Dr. Tobias Leonhard worked for the 10th time in the Men’s Centre. During his last visit, Dr. Tobias had contributed to the expansion of products made of tin sheet. In this visit, he carried out improvements in the area of "Appropriate Technology" with particular reference to the already installed Wind Turbine, which was the result of the five-month stay of Zephanja Arzt last year. The first proto-type was noisy and showed wear and tear. It was installed on wooden supports. In the second proto-type, it was established that metal supports were better than the wooden supports, whereas it is important in these technologies, that local materials are used. The units can be used in the rural areas and produce electricity totally independent of the central technical infra-structure. The demand for energy in the rural area is not as high as in the urban area. A small light (LED), a fan, charging of cell-phone or lap-top battery - excessive energy is not required. More experiments however must be carried out to reach this objective.

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