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Thatta Kedona-Perzada Cultural Complex Cooperation

Thatta Kedona has a long-term cooperation with the Perzada Cultural Complex. Since many years, Thatta Kedona has been participating in the puppet festival in Gaddafi-Stadium with a special exhibition stand of ethnological dolls made by the AFA (NGO).
Puppeteers from Perzada Compex took part in the opening ceremony of the TTTC (Men-Centre) in 1997 in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka. In 2010, three one-room houses made of traditional materials were constructed with the support of local universities for the purpose of research in connection with the mens’ project in TGD. In 2011, like previous year, a special event regarding appropriate technology was arranged for children. In 2012, the NGO AFA invited these children to a 3-school event, with school children from Lahore, Okara and TGD. Similar to the children’s festival at PCC, a 3-school festival has again taken place in 2013 in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka.

Long live Thatta Kedona-Perzada Cultural Complex cooperation.

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